How You Know It’s Time For Lunch.

The other day, Brittany and I were on the phone chatting about upcoming DIY projects. I started to get the feeling that she was distracted and not giving me her full attention. This is what followed:

Chelsea: “You know what we can do? Take the glass from the picture frame and make a little table out of it. It can hold dead bodies.”

Brittany: “Uh, huh.” *chewing sound*

C: “Are you listening to me? What did I say?”

B: “Yeah, I am! Ok, no. I was scraping the crumbs from the bottom of my cookie bag.”

C: “I knew you weren’t listening to me! I said we can make a table for dead bodies!”

B: “You know what I pictured you saying? ‘Let’s make a table surrounded by cookies.'”

Basically, I learned that I can’t compete with cookies and it was clearly time for lunch.
Have a great weekend and thanks for making this a fun first week! And in honor of seeing the Silversun Pickups & Atlas Genius this past Wednesday, check back on Monday for Rock Show Fashion!

I.F.L. (It’s F@#*ing Lunch)

Lunch. It’s defined by Webster as “a usually light meal; especially : one taken in the middle of the day”… but to us, it is simply a time to get f*&king crazy!

Lunch, a time to eat.

Lunch, a time to soak up the sun.

Lunch, a time to dodge the suicidal birds flying straight for your head.

Lunch, a time where you are just trying to walk back to work and instead end up completely soaked by a disgruntled sprinkler system.

Lunch, a time to reflect on all the reasons you just want it to be lunch forever- the laughs, the candies, the absurdity.

It’s a time where we can’t wait to run out of our work screaming “It’s F*&!ing Lunch!”

Welcome to our blog, care to join us for lunch?