Brands We Love: Herbivore

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My lovely co-worker Bonni gave me a gift certificate to a store in San Francisco called Credo as a bridal gift. Credo’s creed is all about putting the best and healthiest products on your face and body. It is amazing how many harsh and cancer causing chemicals are in everything from your face lotion to your mascara. I have recently become much more cautious about the brands that I purchase and one that I discovered on my mission is Herbivore. Herbivore makes healthy beauty products that are not only packaged in a beautiful and clean way, they smell and feel so good on your skin.  I cant get enough of Herbivore because they have products that make you look and feel beautiful in a natural way.

herb face(I use this brightening mask once per week. It leaves my skin feeling tighter and less red. I can feel it working when I have it on my face and it smells AMAZING)

herb water(My new obsession is rose scented water spray. I spritz some on 3 times per day. Once before I put on my moisturizer, once after I put on my makeup to help it set, and then lastly once before I go to sleep with a clean face because it smells like magic)

herb body(We will actually show you how to make a scrub at home but this one is wonderful if you aren’t into making things yourself. It leaves your skin feeling polished and smooth which is important in the summer!)

herb lips(Lastly, this is on my wish list. This color would look so natural on everyone and I am sure based on all of their other products, I would carry this with me everywhere)

All images courtesy of Herbivore. This is not a sponsored post, we truly do love this brand and would only recommend products to you that we actually use and adore!

Birds Eye View.


A challenging and rewarding climb on Oahu is the Koko Head stairs.  I’m so thankful to be healthy and able but this hike is a butt kicker.  On Thanksgiving morning, my dear friend Amanda and I (along with one of her friends) headed up in the dark to the top of Koko Head to see the sunrise from a birds eye view.  It was breathtaking and a great way to give thanks to this gorgeous world we live in.  Then of course hang with family and eat lots 🙂

IMG_6349(The other sunrise hikers)

(Looking at Hawaii Kai after the first little climb)



(Enjoying the views)






This hike is a challenge but short.  You could be up and down in an hour if you were doing it just for the work out.  I love beautiful scenery though and was so happy to enjoy the views and breeze from the top with one of my closest friends.

Berry Full.

IMG_8812While shooting for the blog a few weekends ago, Chels and I knew we needed to grab some snacks to take with us outdoors because we get real cranky without anything to eat for too long.  Chelsea had this great idea to throw some berries in a few glasses to bring with us so we could put them on the ground and know bugs weren’t going to get to them.  Then we realized these would be great party favors, table decorators, or even just a good way to display some healthy snacks.  Since it’s the season of ripe fruit, why not put some out for your friends/guests to enjoy!?

IMG_8814(Could be a great dessert party favor!)




This was an easy, accidental find but a great one at that!  Surprise yourself or a friend with a healthy snack and fun wine glass to take home 😀

Heart Beet Salad

It’s super important to fill your body with delicious and healthy food when you can. I love salads because I can mix and match whatever I want. Here is a simple salad that I made last night!

(Place uncooked beets in a baking dish with orange slices surrounding them. Sprinkle with olive oil, salt, and add one cup of water. Cook for 45 minutes at 400 degrees)

(Slice radishes will you wait for the beets to cook)

(Slice a citrus of your choice, I love oranges)

(Put it all on a bed of lettuce and add some goat cheese crumbles)

Make sure you dress with a vinagrette, I made a lime ginger basil which was super simple and very delicious!

Brighten Up & Work It Out.

Spring is here and that means hot pink work out clothes are where it’s at! I mean, I don’t work out too much but when I do, I like to make sure I am wearing something that stands out.

1- Jump Around(Test your shoes out and make sure they have a spring in their step!)

2-Pink Shoes(Hot pink Reebok’s are a must!)



(Always make sure you get a good stretch in)


The weather is finally starting to get warm and it’s a great time to soak up the sun anyway you want to. Whether it’s a long walk or a short run, it’s important to get that vitamin D!

Winter Walks

IMG_6774Since it hasn’t been too rainy, I’ve been trying to enjoy the outdoors on the weekends.  The trick to this is layering your clothing because naturally you will get warm from a hike but it’s not worth sucking up the cold at the beginning in just a long sleeve shirt.  Adding a warm beanie or ear covering fleece headband can help too.  I hit some East Bay trails this past weekend with my mom and we really enjoyed the colors and paths that the hiking trails had to offer.  The same trails can look different throughout all the seasons.

IMG_6799Blue skies




IMG_6775We had to go through a farm gate or two because some areas cows were roaming freely.




IMG_6796Mt. Diablo







It’s always nice to get exercise with fresh air.  I’d prefer working out outdoors over a gym any day.  I can’t wait for the nights when it’s light out longer and I can enjoy being outdoors after work.  There are a TON of trail heads throughout the bay area that are worthy of checking out.  You never know, there could be one right in your back yard!

We’re Over It.

We have been under a lot of stuff lately. Things like pita salad sandwiches, matte finish lipgloss, and ginger chocolates (yeah, we know!) are flawless items that make us so happy. But lately we have been feeling a little disgruntled when thinking about certain styles and foods that we used to love. Maybe you are just as pissed off as we are, are you over it too?

Boots-VS-Booties(This seems silly but if we see another girl with high boots and skinny jeans, we are going to PASS OUT from boredom. This style is exhausted and that’s why we love booties! They have the same curb appeal as boots but can be dressed up and down in a simpler way. Studded, suede, or shiny, we LOVE them!)

Bangles-vs-Bracelets(Bangles are cute but they are clunky, loud, and so big that they fly off your wrist and smack your co-worker straight in the face. That’s why we are crazy about homemade friendship bracelets. We recently bought a ton of supplies and have been making them for each other on our commute to work! You can wear as many as your arm can hold, and still look classier than an arm full of bangles. Check out an amazing DIY here!)


(In an office environment it is hard to stay healthy, that’s why we eat oatmeal in the morning. Yeah, we’re over it. Hand us another slice of that week old pizza please, we’ll eat a salad at lunch.)

Ice-Cream-FroYo(I know you may have been expecting us to pick the ice cream after the cold pizza comment but come on, we’re not monsters. FroYo is a healthy and delicious alternative to ice cream. I read somewhere that you can eat like 40 bowls of FroYo and still not equal one bowl of ice cream, or something like that. I don’t know, this stuff is delicious, especially if you add gummi bears, you gotta add gummi bears otherwise I just don’t see the point.)