The Mourning After: Mindy.

It’s been one day since we heard the terrible news that The Mindy Project had been cancelled. This means that our adorable girl next door, Mindy Lahiri, will no longer be a Tuesday night obsession. But Mindy Kaling is so much more than a TV actress, she is the every woman. She is smart, funny, confident, and has all of the qualities I look for in my real life friends.

mp-6(A real friend covers your a** like a true bad B)

First off, I’d like to say to the Fox network:

tumblr_nc4pioV8x91tfbtrwo1_400 (How DARE you. Do you know how hard the last 24 hours have been on me? My sweet Kelly Kapoor finally got the spotlight she so deserved, and then you pull this? Oh, hell no. Enough of you, back to Mindy.)

anigif_enhanced-18758-1411541184-8(Another reason she is awesome? She says the things that we are all thinking. Mindy lacks a filter and is basically fearless, like a bobcat.)

Zooey-Deschanel-Mindy-Kaling-Elle-Magazine-TV-Party copy(Hey Mindy, do you remember when you, me, and Zooey were at that fancy dinner and I wore that pseudo crop top dress thing? You don’t? Yeah, that’s cuz it never happened! But should it? Maybe? Yes.)

I could go on and on about how fun and great Mindy is and how I want her to officiate my wedding, blah blah blah. But I think I’ll leave you with a great quote from you-know-who: “Write your own part. It is the only way I’ve gotten anywhere. It is much harder work, but sometimes you have to take destiny into your own hands.”  Doesn’t that make you want to go out and launch a start-up or something?

635542163164233759995149371_inspired(Well, yeah, you wrote it)

I have no doubt that we will be seeing her on our television screens soon enough *cough* Hulu *cough*. But until then, it’s The Mindy Project and Office reruns and pre-ordering Why Not Me?

All Things Pumpkin.

We’re so excited for Fall, we had to reblog a favorite!Pug Sweater

I think by now you have figured out that Autumn is our favorite season, not just because kids are back in school and have stopped razor scootering around us like we are in a game of Frogger but because we just F@#*ing love pumpkins.

Phoenix the Cat

(About two years ago I found out that Brittany liked cats so I decided to show her a picture of my friend’s cat, Phoenix, who was dressed up like a pumpkin. She proceeded to laugh and cry at the same time for the next 15 minutes. I don’t see what is so funny though)

Pumpkin Spice Latte(September through November means a significant weight gain for me because I dabble in the daily Pumpkin Spice Latte market. They are available at every coffee shop so it is kind of impossible to avoid. I tried taking different routes to work but I just ended up lost, late, and sitting in a pile of leaves sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte from a coffee shop I just discovered on my new route to work)

Pumpkins Muffins

(I can’t stress enough how important it is to eat at least one thing Pumpkin related each week in Fall. Not sure if you have done this yet but make some of our Pumpkin Muffins this weekend and fill that quota)

Smashing Pumpkins(I love this band and I love Billy Corgan. It’s not like I am obsessed, have a restraining order, and a tattoo of their logo on my butt…yet. Anyway they are on tour now and just released an amazing album called Oceania which is totally my new jam)

Pumpkin Beer(Blue Moon makes a good Pumpkin Ale that is completely seasonal. Drink with caution, you don’t want to end up as a pumpkin who has had one too many- it’s just not a good look)


imageWe’ve had a hard time concentrating this week with a mid week vacation day, what’s up with that?!  We even double posted on Wednesday because we were that ready for the 4th of July.  Most of the working world has work today and we know that hurts.  Don’t judge us by our traveling mug shot but if you are bearing through today at work, we feel you!  Enough text, it’s probably hurting your head even more.  Go drink some water and we will see ya next week!



So, a big part of city livin’ is taking public transportation and some days it can be smooth sailing. Other days, not so much. I know it’s a $2 ride but I think it’s time we start implementing some rules because it is clear to me that the Muni is a lot like the wild wild west; every man for himself.

Rule #1: All riders must be conscious.

Bus RideThis one is pretty cut and dry. Your ass better be awake for the entire ride or you’re outta there. This happened behind me on my ride home from work. If my rules were in place, he would be given a lollipop and asked to leave. Everyone goes home happy- he gets a little treat and we get the rest of the ride not having to position him back into place.

Rule #2: Cooking is for the Kitchen.

I didn’t take a photo of this one but trust me when I tell you a man sat next to me on the bus and took out two slices of WonderBread from his backpack. He then took out 4 packets of mayonnaise and proceeded to spread it on thick to create a disgusting ass mayonnaise sandwich. He took a bite and while chewing turned to me and asked, “would you like some?” Needless to say, I declined. Yes, it was thoughtful and yes, it tested my gag reflexes but please just wait until you’re at home to pull out the condiments. Thanks.

Rule #3: Double Decker Bus Style Please.

BARTIf we had double decker trains, scenarios like this wouldn’t happen. I would prefer to read my magazine in peace, not underneath a Mr. Clean look-a-like. But I would take this over a mayo sandwich any day.

Rule #4: Quit Hatin’, You Hater.

furI’m not trying to say that everyone who rides public transportation should be wearing Gucci furs (Neiman Marcus example above with security  wires still attached to the fur to prove I don’t own something this ridiculous). In fact, I like riding the bus with all kinds of people as long as you bathe regularly, don’t breathe on me, and keep your hands where I can see ’em.

I feel like if my rules were followed we would all get places faster, make more money, and be overall more jolly. In actuality there will just be less horror stories for me to exchange with my friends, so I don’t know what is worse- having a stinky co-passenger or having no stories to tell. I guess I’ll take the stories for now.

I Don’t Care, I Love It.

There are some things in life that give me a great chuckle when they certainly shouldn’t. But at what point do you stop and say “I don’t care, I love it.” Icona Pop was really on to something when they created their top-40-massive-spin-incredibly-catchy hit called I have no idea what but probably “I don’t care, I love it” or something like that. Here are a few things that make me laugh no matter how many times I see or hear them.

You Bought a Ferret.

Ferret Poodle

(I am sorry if you were the poor sap who bought a ferret thinking it was a poodle, but you sure did make my day)

Stanley Shoves It.

(Stanley from The Office always cracks me up with this line. I don’t care, I love it)

Twilight Parties.

Twi Drinks

(Just because the movies are over doesn’t mean you stop inviting your friends over for a movie night. If they aren’t into that, there is always Vampire Diaries…waaaaaay different)

The Package Tour.

The-Package-Tour-900-600(Enough Said)

Ghiradelli Ice Cream Sundaes.

ghiradelli(I don’t care, I f@#*ing love ’em)

Everyone has a “guilty pleasure” or sick joke that will always make them happy. We just have a lot more than usual.

Do The Harlem Shake

Our friends at the Fernando & Greg Morning Show invited us to be a part of their hilarious video recreating the Harlem Shake sensation! The formula is very simple and it is always the same- one person starts the dance solo and once the beat drops, the place fills up with crazy people dancing in silly outfits. We had a lot of fun, check it out and make sure you make it to the end to see the blooper! Oh yeah, Chelsea is wearing the blue wig and Britt is in the rainbow hat with the heart sweater!

Bowling For/With Dummies


Remember this post? Well, once we got to the top I showed my friend the local bowling alley called Sea Bowl. He promptly started walking towards it (across the highway) and I realized we were going bowling. I don’t like to brag but I was a co-founder of my high school’s Bowling Club so I know a thing or two about the sport. I have put together a simple “how to” to get you started.

Walking Sign(Step 1: If you are walking across the street, follow the guide;  it will keep you safest)

Make Friends(Step 2: Make friends, say hello, and be jolly in general. It will help you to get a lane faster)

Spongebob Squarepants(Step 3: Put on those snazzy bowling shoes. Thank goodness I was wearing my Spongebob socks, that could have been embarrassing…)

bowling balls(Step 4: Select the ball color of your choice, the color is very important)

smile(Step 5: Smile and get ready to bowl, for if you are not smiling you are not truly bowling)

bowling(Step 6: NEVER LOSE FOCUS!)

If you follow these easy steps, I GUARANTEE you will be the next Lebowski. My bowling how-to guide will be hitting the bookshelves this Fall so look forward to that!

Babies Having Babies.

baby brittany

This is Brittany as a baby and her brother (eyes blackened to protect the innocent). She was possibly the happiest, smiliest baby to have ever lived in the 80’s. It instantly became one of my faves when I saw it on her parent’s fridge, I just love it because the doll is basically the same size as her! That got me thinking, I had some pretty weird “babies” when I was a baby of my own.

Water Baby

Water Baby

Water Baby was all I wanted when I was seven years old. I filled her with water and she became squishy like a real baby…or a waterbed! Like a miniature waterbed shaped as a baby in my hands, she would have been a great travel pillow.

Baby Alive

Baby alive

She cried AND pooped! Can you believe it? It didn’t get better than that. I remember mixing dry powder with some hot water (you know, what babies eat) and feeding it to her with an oversized spoon. Ten minutes later I got to change her diaper and for some reason it was so much fun. It’s brilliant on Hasbro’s part really, parents were forced to buy diapers and food like a real baby but instead for their own baby’s baby.

Cricket Doll

Cricket Doll

This is the doll that required a cassette tape placed into her back in order to talk at you- moving her mouth and all. I was 4 and you better believe I dragged her all over the place with me. She was like a sister, well- a slightly possessed sister.

All in all, dolls are a lot of fun but also a lot of responsibility. Here’s one doll I always wanted, he was just so cute. But my mom would never let me have him. I don’t know why…


IFL’s 2012 Awards

Thank you so much for being a part of IFL’s successful launch in 2012! We couldn’t be happier with the posts that we have created and are so thankful for your continued support. We wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our favorite people and moments that this blog offered us. So without further delay, we present IFL’s 2012 Awards!

Biggest Trooper: Shannon

Shannon(We lied and told her we were making crafts. No, that didn’t happen)

Funniest Guest Star: Greg

Greg(There are no words for how funny he is)

Biggest Diva: Amante

Diva(He would’t stop eating the entire time, would walk off whenever he wanted to, and made it loud and clear that he was the real star of these photo shoots when he sent us an invoice for his services. Geesh, diva)

Funniest Photo: 12 Year Old Brittany

BB(This picture cracks me up every time!)

Most Ridiculous Idea: Drinking on the Toilet

Toilet(This post is full of ridiculous ideas but this is by far the best)

Best Distorted Photo: Nick

nick(He’s too photogenic!)

Favorite Word of 2012: Slutbaggy

slut(We’ve used it multiple times and hope it starts to catch in 2013)

House DJ: Smiles

Miles the DJ(We can’t get any work done unless he is spinning behind us. At first I thought this meant that he twirled around in circles which would have been super awesome but it means he plays cool records for us to get our creative juices flowing- which is okay too)

Fan Favorite Post: Blideo #2

IFL Headquarters

Thank you again for reading and liking us when you do! 2012 has been a fun year for us and let’s hope that it gets even better in 2013!

What it Feels Like to Lose a Follower…

IFL Headquarters

I guess (s)he wasn’t that into us. You know this blogging thing is a real wave of emotion.  One day someone new clicks that magical “+follow” symbol on your page (hint hint) and cha-ching we’ve got a true friend for life!  A golden email brightens up our mailbox and we instantly giggle with delight for it is a glorious moment. But guess what? It isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows because apparently they can un-follow us just as easily! What gives, WordPress? What gives?! Seriously, if we try to unsubscribe to a local grocery store mailing list we have to call an 800 number, wait on hold for 15 minutes, give them our mothers’ maiden name and then agree to full body cavity search we must plan for later that week- and it must be that week; we have to take a day off of work. The “unfollow” button is a little too easy of an out but we still love you WordPress!

We wanted you to know what we go through each time we lose a follower.