Biking in Belize.

{{ top – similars here, shorts – similar here (the boyfriend short from Urban Outfitters, shoes – on sale here! }}

Biking was my favorite mode of transportation on Caye Caulker in Belize.  It’s flat everywhere and the breeze feels so good on the sun soaked skin.  The views aren’t bad either.  Riding along the ocean and through the quaint streets, it’s a lifestyle one could get used to quick.

There are piers everywhere to enjoy.

Our bikes came with baskets so I could load up my awesome new beach bag my step mom gave me for the trip ❤


These Urban Outfitter sandals are such a good find for the summer.  They are easy to slip on and go with everything.

Pack up your basket and take off for the next adventure!

(Photos by Rob Jimenez)

Cherry Bomb.

cherry bombBritt and I were inspired by these bright yellow trees sprinkled throughout Tahoe and we loved them as our backdrop for this pretty basic outfit. I got these red skinny legged chords at Gap about a year ago and they have been one of my favorite items that I wear all year ’round.

cherry bomb

cherry bomb

cherry bomb

cherry bomb


funfetti(Dress Anthropologie, Shoes Banana Republic)

I go through moods where I want to wear nothing but color and this dress is perfect when I am feeling that way. I love when a piece of clothing can have lots of color and be extremely loud but still  fun and tasteful. Here’s one of my new favorite dresses and a fun pair of flats to top it all off.




Stripes and Pearls.

Stripes and Pearls(Sweater Forever 21, Skirt Forever 21, Tights Nordstrom, Booties Luxury Rebel)

One of my favorite things to do is wear skirts when the temperature starts to drop. It doesn’t make much sense but I just want to find any reason to pull out a pair of tights, they are more comfortable than pants and look so much more sleek with shoes. I liked pairing this grey pearl sweater with a flared striped skirt because it feels simple but has a lot of character.

Pearled Sweater

Luxury Rebel booties

Pearl and Stripes

Last Drops of Fall.

Last Drops of FallRecently my friend Lindsay got me this flowered peplum top and it feels like it’s the last time I will be able to wear it for a while so I thought I would share it with you!

Last Drops of Fall(Top by W118 by Walter Baker, Jeans by Levi’s) love the cutout and the zipper detailed back)

Last drops of fall

Enjoy the last bits of Fall and maybe I will find a fun floral sweater to share next time!

Leather Luxe.

Leather LuxeBrittany got a pair of these faux leather and mesh leggings and I had to try them on. I must say, in photos they don’t look so bad but in person- I probably wouldn’t rock them!

Leather Luxe(Pairing the leggings with a simple printed tee really helped tone them down a bit)

Leather Luxe(I really love the back of this shirt)

Leather Luxe(Shoes from Charlotte Russe)

Leather Luxe(The little details to this glasses really spice them up)

Charlotte Russe is coming out with some fun accessories, it is one of my favorite places to grab flats and shades!


Coffee Break.

Coffee OutfitThe best part about Summer is being able to sip your iced coffee outside on the patio and not freeze your butt off! The simple weekend outfit made it easy to lounge around the house comfortably.

Coffee Outfit(The best part of this shirt is the lacey detail in the back)

Coffee Outfit(I am obsessed with my new Sam Edelman booties I got in LA)

Coffee Outfit(The silver pyramid midi ring added a little something to my finger)

Coffee Outfit

Sit back and have a relaxing weekend! See you on Monday!

Leather Leggings.

Leather LeggingsBlack leggings are the quickest fix for any outfit emergency, throw them under a tunic or a short dress and you are ready to rock! But we upped it a notch with these leather and stud detailed leggings.

Leather Leggings(The simple details add depth to the outfit and elongate your leg, which is never a bad thing)

Leather Leggings(Earrings from Charlotte Russe)

Leather Leggings(This midi ring adds a pop of color this all black outfit needs)

We really love the way these leggings really pull this outfit together. We think it’s more of a nighttime look but if you are feeling sassy, you could get away with it during the daytime too!

Hip To Be Square.

Brittany scored these amazing leggings from Lucca, in a literal last minute dash to a street vendor. I wasn’t sure how we would dress them up but we put together the ultimate hipster outfit that I loved!


Hip2(Small plus signs decorate these soft leggings)

Hip3(This jean jacket and bowler hat dress up the leggings in a crisp way)

Hip4(Hat from Urban Outfitters, jacket from Forever 21)

Hip5(Luxury Rebel booties)

I love this fun weekend look, it’s really stylish and even more comfortable. You’ll notice we repeat a few of our favorite pieces, my favorite is this jacket that Brittany picked up a couple of years ago. I love when an article of clothing can we worn in multiple ways.