Wedding Wear It Again

IMG_7092When you are going to a wedding, it is important to look your best but also feel comfortable for a night of dancing and celebrating! I had been eyeing this dress for months and it finally went on sale at Anthropologie (unfortunately it is sold out now). I justified purchasing a dress I really didn’t need because I have so many weddings this year and it is just perfect to wear to a couple of them because it isn’t white! Surprisingly about 70% of my wedding appropriate dresses are white, so I really need to get my act together.

IMG_7096(High/Low front and back of this lace dress gives it a nice flow)

IMG_7097(It has a subtle snap in the front to keep it all together. This necklace was a gift from my grandparents on my 8th grade graduation- it’s still my favorite)


I feel like Steve Nicks in this dress and that is never a bad thing! Check your local Anthropolgie to see if they still have this dress in stock, it’s such a beautiful color!


Summer Casual.

IMG_7159You may have gathered that I am on a quest to invest in quality pieces that be paired in various ways to create new outfits. This shirt was one that I recently picked up and found versatile enough to wear with jeans and skirts in any season. The last few days have been fairly cool which is the perfect time to pull out a shirt like this and make the outfit pop with a burst of color from my purse! Have I told you how much I LOVE this purse? I hope so, because I love it.

IMG_7163(Shirt- sold out but similar here)

IMG_7162(Purse- Kate Spade, sold out but similar here)


Weekend wear should be easy so I almost always wear these Franco Sarto shoes. They are easy to slip on and go with most everything.

This outfit would be nothing without this purse, have I told you how much I love it yet? I do!

Wedding Ready.

IMG_7113You guys know what time of year it is- wedding season! Now, I love a wedding as much as the next person but I have nine this year (including my own). This means I needed to shuffle through mu closet and make sure I have what it takes to be a stylish and appropriate guest to all of these parties. Luckily, I wore a wedding dress to my own in May so that was easy to prepare for and I am in my friend Tasha’s wedding at the end of the month so I just have that one taken care of too! Anthropologie just had their major summer sale and I scored big on some dresses that I knew would be perfect for a few particular weddings, plus I had been eyeing these dresses all spring long! Patience does pay off sometimes ūüėČ

IMG_7110(The entire dress is embroidered which is one of my favorite things in the world)

IMG_7119(This collar is magic)


IMG_7114 Unfortunately Anthropologie is sold out of this dress but you can still catch the end of the sale now!

Have you been to or plan to attend any wedding this summer? Tell us about you plan to wear or any other special details- we would love to hear about them!

Structured Sweatshirt.


I purchased these fish printed pants last spring and really wanted to be able to wear them in winter. They are slightly cropped so I figured that I needed to find a warm top to keep me cozy throughout the dropping temperatures. This sweatshirt was on sale and fit the bill!

Top- Anthropologie, Pants- Cartonnier , Heels- Banana Republic, Purse- Kate Spade






Anthropologie’s Best Kept Secret.

Brittany turned me on to Anthropologie‘s kitchen wear about a year ago when she got me an awesome¬†ceramic muffin dish that I absolutely adore. Since then, I have¬†dreamed of updating my¬†tiny kitchen with unique pieces from our favorite store! In case you haven’t checked out what they have to offer, I have picked out a few of my favorite items that they have right now. The price point is fair and everything that they offer is of very high quality so you really can’t go wrong!

Copper(These puts my bland colander to shame! I love the legs and of course, the copper tone. $30-58)

35790328_010_b(This would make a great DIY project! $40)

35858570_010_b(Marble, glass, and wood. A very modern way of presenting cheese at a party. $78)

36128510_027_b(Not a must have by any means, but extremely cute! $78)

32578031_028_b(Lastly, these copper measuring cups are classic! $28)

Do you have a favorite place to shop for kitchen wear? Let us know!

Friend Feature – Lindsay!

{{ Purse: Isabella Fiore Clutch (An oldie but a goodie).  Necklace: Dogeared Chain (Nordies).  Shoes: Miss Albright Heels / Stripes (Anthro Alternative Рsold out).  Belt: Elise M, Reese in Black (Ambiance), Jacket: Trouve / Drape Collar Leather Jacket, Skirt: Bailey44, Dip Dyed Tulle Skirt (found here) }}

A few of us went to State Bird Provisions the other night, thanks to Chelsea and Nick’s reservation, and our friend Lindsay showed up looking as darling as ever! ¬†The tule skirt was a perfect pairing with her striped heels. ¬†Every detail was perfectly placed and she just looked like a gem as usual ūüôā




Printed Pants.

DSC_0617During my recent binge at Anthropologie, began with these awesome fish printed pants. The girl who worked there had them on and suggested I gave them a whirl too. I found them unique and fun so I scooped them up!

DSC_0607(Find them here)

DSC_0614(I really love the colors, these are what I generally gravitate towards)



I just think printed pants are a lot of fun as you can see here! It’s quite the trend for Spring so I am excited to see the different patterns that people will rock!

Winter Romper.

DSC_0585I recently had a binge at Anthropologie and grabbed some great pieces from their Winter collection. In between seasons is my favorite time to make purchases because I get things for low prices and because I like in San Francisco, the temperature is always mild so I can make most things work all year round. This romper is one of those pieces.

DSC_0581(In the summer I would wear this without the tights accompanied by black sandals)

DSC_0576(I can also unbutton the top if I want to wear a decorative camisole underneath)


DSC_0588(Honeycomb print, my favorite!)


I’m pretty excited for my first romper. I love anything I can slip into and not have to worry too much about piecing together layers.

Neutral Mood.

DSC_0454I really love earthy tones and and think they look awesome with any hair color or skin tone. I usually reserve these colors for the fall months but Anthropologie was having their annual winter sale and I picked up this beautiful dress.

DSC_0457(Glasses & Dress- Anthropologie, Coat-Dillards)

DSC_0460(We had a sweet little guest star during our shoot)

DSC_0463(The pockets are a perfect addition to this dress)

DSC_0466(Woven fabric creates a soft texture that is very unique)

DSC_0467(Lastly, there are bows on the shoulders)

I love this burnt orange color, it feels timeless and never trendy. This dress could be a piece I will wear for years to come (if I don’t change sizes) and that has recently become more important to me when I am making a purchase.

Happy Friday!