Babies Having Babies.

baby brittany

This is Brittany as a baby and her brother (eyes blackened to protect the innocent). She was possibly the happiest, smiliest baby to have ever lived in the 80’s. It instantly became one of my faves when I saw it on her parent’s fridge, I just love it because the doll is basically the same size as her! That got me thinking, I had some pretty weird “babies” when I was a baby of my own.

Water Baby

Water Baby

Water Baby was all I wanted when I was seven years old. I filled her with water and she became squishy like a real baby…or a waterbed! Like a miniature waterbed shaped as a baby in my hands, she would have been a great travel pillow.

Baby Alive

Baby alive

She cried AND pooped! Can you believe it? It didn’t get better than that. I remember mixing dry powder with some hot water (you know, what babies eat) and feeding it to her with an oversized spoon. Ten minutes later I got to change her diaper and for some reason it was so much fun. It’s brilliant on Hasbro’s part really, parents were forced to buy diapers and food like a real baby but instead for their own baby’s baby.

Cricket Doll

Cricket Doll

This is the doll that required a cassette tape placed into her back in order to talk at you- moving her mouth and all. I was 4 and you better believe I dragged her all over the place with me. She was like a sister, well- a slightly possessed sister.

All in all, dolls are a lot of fun but also a lot of responsibility. Here’s one doll I always wanted, he was just so cute. But my mom would never let me have him. I don’t know why…