Schoolyard Rock

IMG_7388I went photo adventuring a few weeks ago at a historic school house on the backroads near the barn I ride at.  It was the first school in the area and has been maintained for field trips, weddings, and other events.  It’s really cool to have such a beautiful piece of history so close by.  There were horse tie ups for students that rode to school.  That is my dream, to be able to ride a horse to school or work.  How come some things vanish from the old ways?!




IMG_7394(The flag pole)



IMG_7389(My other friend, Chelsea, came to shoot photos too!  This is her walking to see the baby goats on the other side of the fence)


This gem was practically in the back yard of my barn.  It goes to show, sometimes you just need to look where you are to find hidden treasures.