Gray Malin Spotlight.

I recently discovered the amazing photographer, Gray Malin. Best known for his unique aerial shots, he really knows how to emphasize color from above. Here are a few of my very favorites!gray2

(Coogee Wave)


(Orange and Green Striped Umbrellas)

gray4(Orange Crush)

gray5(Aqua Glam)

I love the refreshing look of these images. They make me feel so happy every time I look at them. They are a bit on the pricey side (in my opinion) but eventually I might bite the bullet and purchase some for our new home!

A Day in Tomales Bay.

DSC_0373This weekend we spent a day enjoying the beautiful Tomales Bay. Luckily, the weather was perfect as we kayaked and took in the marvelous views. If you’re a fan of oysters you should take a visit to this tiny town and enjoy nature, wines, and famous Cowgirl Creamery.

DSC_0528(The fog can roll in without any notice but I do love the way that looks too)

DSC_0396(We took to the ocean to see what we could make of the sunset)

DSC_0403(Elephant Seals joined us on the sand)

DSC_0409(Pieces of birchwood that Nick wouldn’t let me take home)

DSC_0421(Yup, it was cold but those are my favorite kinds of beaches. The most beautiful ones I have seen are in the Pacific Northwest)

DSC_0427(From Elephant Seals on the beach to cows in the valley)


A beautiful end to a great day!

Coastal Winter Myth.


Before I lived in San Francisco, I heard so many myths people tell about the city and believed them because I didn’t know myself.  Now that I live here, it’s funny how different I see a lot of these “urban myths” if you will.  One of the biggest myths is how freezing it is in the winter especially at the ocean.  I love spending time at Ocean Beach so I just prepared to bundle up during the winter.  However, it’s actually much less windy in the winter.  Not sure why that is but it can actually be incredible weather in the winter.  Last year I posted about one of the most perfect winter weather nights at Ocean Beach here.  Now that I know it wasn’t just a one time thing, I thought I’d share the secret : ).

Sunset is one of the busiest times at the beach but there’s no question why.  It’s incredible to watch the surfers at sunset as the sun slowly slides down the horizon.

A good friend recently cleared her closet and handed down a ton of her amazing past pieces to me.  One of them included this awesome floor length Ralph Lauren open back dress.

I love shooting photos.  I’ll zoom in from afar and shoot photos of the water.  Last year we saw tons of whales and dolphins so you just never know what you will see!

A surfer’s sunset.


Even though it’s warm, bring something to keep covered as the sun continues to disappear.  It does get a tad cold.

After the full moon came up and the sun went down, we headed home.  You have to look all around while at the beach because the views are stunning all the way around!

Friend Feature – Aloha Amanda!


 I was so so so happy to get to spend some time with my friend and college roommate Amanda while in Hawaii.  She moved to Oahu about two years ago with her husband to pursue her dream of owning her own business and having a grand adventure by living somewhere completely new!  In college, we literally shared our entire closets with each other and were laughing about how much we miss those days.  Some weekends we would just wear one outfit one night and then swap for the next.  I’d still swap outfits with her any day 🙂

Love these cute lace trimmed shorts from Express!

We also had so much fun decking ourselves out in flash tattoos.

IMG_1509She paired the lace trim shorts with a gorgeous and comfortable top from Young, Broke, and Fabulous (more styles here!).

It’s always great to be reunited with a good friend.  Even though we are separated by many miles, I love that every time we are together it’s like nothing has changed.

Maui in November.


For Thanksgiving, my family takes off to Hawaii each year to spend the holidays in an un-traditional way.  It’s a nice time to rest up and re-charge the batteries before we head into winter time.  Each year we try to see friends and family on the islands and also spend as much time as possible outdoors.  So far this week, with Amanda visiting from Oahu, we’ve spent lots of time in the ocean.  Amanda, Darrin, and I also spent a day cruising the road to Hana.  We didn’t go the entire way but we made some great stops.

Twin Falls.

Hawaii sunsets are the best.

Amanda and I were reunited after a year apart!

We made sure to do lots of ocean swimming.

Amanda in her tube.  We bought inter tubes and swam out to get rolled over by the waves.  It was hilarious!  Probably because the waves were very small 🙂


We decked ourselves out in Flash Tats.

Went on tons of long walks.


My attempt at tree pose for the first time all week.


The ocean blues, it doesn’t get any better.  I’m still on the island for the rest of the week with my family but I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week.  It’s a time to be thankful for all the blessings in your life and to remind yourself to not take anything or anyone for granted.  Pay it forward this week at random times and be kind.  It’s not everyday we stop and really focus on things we are thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Climb Challenge.


Since getting into climbing, I’ve been realistic with my own progression but also set goals for where I want to take it.  I’ve always loved the idea of climbing outdoors so when I started climbing, I knew eventually I’d want to take it outside.  After doing tons of research on places to climb in the bay area, my climbing friend Kevin and I, took to scoping out one of the well known spots along beautiful and coastal highway 1.  We were planning to just scope it all out but once we saw some climbable boulders, we couldn’t resist.  We were also able to scope out some lead climbing routes that will be something for us to conquer in the near future!

Kevin conquering this boulder!

About to get that last reach.

Working on getting up and over this mini overhang.

Stretching for it.

Another nice boulder.

Since we left pretty early in the morning, we were able to climb before it was too hot.  Once the fog burned off, it was a beautiful day and felt like such a great reward.  This spot had a nice little hike down and then to finish off the morning was a good little hike up and out.  Can’t wait to soak up the rest of the Indian Summer days!

Bonfire Sessions.

Daylight savings time has been a goddess.  Trying to savor every minute of the daylight, we decided to enjoy by bonfire on Ocean Beach Friday evening.  It was the perfect choice for the night and besides perma smelling like smoke burned wood for the next few days, it was one of my favorite nights of the year so far 🙂

Getting the fire going before everyone else showed up.






Getting silly with the sun.


I would highly suggest it if you live in SF!

Hawaiian Skies.


Last week I got to spend time in Hawaii with family just soaking in the good weather and relaxing.  I love nothing more than a good sunset or sunrise and I made sure to park it right near the beach whenever the sun was on the horizon.




(Do you spy my mom in this one?  Very tiny up next to these palm tree giants)







Each day brought unique skies and tranquil days.  I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos this week!

Free Friday.


I’ve been training for a 10k to feed the hungry in SF which I can honestly say I never thought I’d be doing since I don’t love running.  When my co-workers mentioned it though and that our donations would help feed hungry children in San Francisco, I figured now was the time to run if ever.  Last night while on a good run along Ocean Beach, I felt very grateful.  I’m grateful for a lot and especially these indian summer evenings.  I can’t believe my training grounds at times.  To end my run, I decided to walk down to the water just to take some last deep breathes of the fresh, warm air.  This is when I came across the most beautiful site, a man draping bubbles across the skyline.




imageI couldn’t stop watching.  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

imageJust floating.




Maybe Mr Bubbles will be back at Ocean Beach over the weekend.  If you’re from the area, it’s definitely worth trying to see.  Have a great weekend!