Plum Passion.

DSC_0444Most of my recent purchases have been in this beautiful burgundy color that feels like winter to me. It pairs perfectly with all kinds of colors, regardless of warm or cool undertones which is something I love about it as well. I’ll take you through 3 of my favorite plum colored pieces.

DSC_0447(Cable knit sweater- Gap)

DSC_0451(Velvet ballet flats- Old Navy, Purse- unknown label)

DSC_0445I think this color is elegant and really adds character to any outfit. I have also seen amazing lipsticks in this color as well, it’s just my favorite!

Champagne Merlot.

Fall is here and it’s time to dust off the deep red nail polishes! My friend Meris gave me this cool tool that makes little polka dots on your nails so I decided to mix a burgundy color and one of my favorite golds.

Champagne Merlot(The necessities: Polka Dot Stick, Glittery Gold Polish, and a Deep Merlot base)

Champagne Merlot(Step 1: Paint your nails with the burgundy base)

Champagne Merlot(Step 2: Drip a few drops of gold polish on a paper towel)

Champagne Merlot(Step 3: Carefully dip the polka dot tool into the gold polish and lightly press little dots onto your nail)

Champagne MerlotYour nails are did!


Favorite Felts

I’m a huge fan of hats all year round but one type of hat that we both love are floppy felt hats.  You may have seen my hat before here which really proves you can wear it with a lot of different outfits.  They add a carefree feeling to a Day or Night outfit.  You can always wear one with an understated dress to create a more fashionable look. They are also an accessory that can save you a lot of getting ready time – just throw one on and run out the door; don’t even pause to brush your hair.

Orchard Long Shot(In typical Chelsea matchy-matchy style; she pairs hers with the same  burgundy colored opaque tights)

(I matched my hat with this dress and booties.  I love Fall fashions, so many options for all different kinds of weather)

(A similar one can be purchased here)

(I picked up this hat here, which instantly became my favorite hat.  It looks great with almost everything!)