May SF Beach Attire.


I love going to the beach all year round but sunsets in San Francisco at the beach aren’t those warm summer nights you might hope for.  I still like to walk bare foot in the sand but I make sure to bundle up with a really good wind resistant jacket and a hat to keep my hair from whipping all over the place.

Of course I wear shoes to the beach but take them off the minute my feet can hit the sand.

My go to outerwear is my Helly Hansen jacket and Big Truck hat.  Some of the most beautiful sunsets are the cold ones.  The colors tend to splay a lot more vibrantly.

After being at work all day, I love to go outside and be silly.  There’s something about being at the beach that makes me want to play like a kid again.

Hoping to catch a few more good ones this weekend while away in Paso Robles!

Stinson Beach.


OK so our beaches in Northern California might not always be bikini temperature but after our hike through Muir Woods, we were excited to get down to the ocean and chill out a little bit.  Not to mention, the good snacks they have right on the beach.  Sheena got the brown sugar banana ice cream, Arel tried to soft serve, Rob grabbed a coffee, and I went for a hot latte.  They have something for everyone!

I am so elated to have Sheena back!


She’s so light I was running all over the beach with her haha!


We had a thing for piggy back photos I guess!

Views and views and views.


What would a trip to Stinson be without stopping along the infamous Hwy 1 for some fun jumping photos? 🙂

Wine Country.

This past weekend, my family, Rob, and I headed to wine country for the day since my mom had won a winery tour with the owner himself at Rombauer winery.  It was very interesting to see exactly what happens from vine to wine.

My mom in front of the grape crates and de-stemming machine.

K. R. Rombauer.

That’s a wholeeeee lot of wine.

Show me the money wine!



The wine caves were so cool!

A little tasting.


It was a beautiful day!


I don’t know much about wine but visiting a winery is all about the experience.  Being in beautiful wine country is very relaxing and the drive through Napa alone is worth the visit.

Thursday Tunes – Dan Croll.

imageAs you know, we LOVE music at IFL.  An artist that’s been on our radar for some time is Dan Croll who stopped by San Francisco on Tuesday night.  He was supposed to play last July but had to cancel last minute.  Needless to say, I was very excited to get to hear his tunes live.  Also, since a few months had passed he also had tons of new material which all sounded amazing.  His electro-indie sound makes you feel happy and allows you to
even dance a little.  Who doesn’t love dancing?!  Definitely check Dan Croll out, he’s got some amazing talent.


His debut song “From Nowhere” is what has been on the radio.


His latest released song “In/Out.”

Outdoor Outing.

imageThis weather has been too good to not take advantage of and we have another beautiful weekend coming up!  Last weekend we headed out to Mt. Tam and Stinson Beach for a full day of sun and beautiful surroundings.  What else can you ask for?!  I definitely recommend it for any fellow bay area friends.

image(Views for days)






Don’t miss out on taking advantage of one of the most beautiful areas in the country when the weather is nice.  We all know the fog is just around the corner 🙂

Mori Point Walk

This weekend was full of clear blue skies and my friend and I wanted to take advantage of that so we headed South about 10 minutes to a sleepy beach town called Pacifica. It is a popular spot for surfing and has the most amazing Taco Bell you will ever see, it literally sits on the beach and has a walk-up window for people with sandy feet! We didn’t eat there but we did take a nice walk up to the top of Mori Point to get a great view of the beach. I lived there for a few months and would often walk up on my own to sit and relax. Sometimes the sound of the waves can bring a lot of peace to your mind.

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