The Tighter, The Better.

Have you ever had an outfit that looks great on but needs a little something extra? Something that gives it that extra pop of color and makes your short skirt seem less slutbaggy? You know what I am talking about- the short dress that is completely inappropriate for work and then you throw on a pair of tights and suddenly you are good to go? Yeah, tights do that. They keep you warm AND make you look like less of a ho- MAGIC!

(These grey cable knit tights can be worn under pretty much any skirt or dress)

(You should have seen how much shorter this skirt looked before I put on these burgundy tights!)

(Britt loves hers thick. These are grey sweater material, they keep her warm during the cold winters!)

(These are some of our favorites right now- patterned and bright opaque. Blue Flower Print/Herringbone/ Yellow Opaque)

All in all, tights add that accessorized element that some cute but dull outfits often lack. And they can cover you up in times when you are unsure if you are showing too much. Men, boys, lads- buy your lady a pair that you like, they come in all different varieties. My boyfriend just bought me ankle socks, we have to start somewhere!