Pescadero Days.

image_2Last weekend, Nick and I took a drive up the coast to a tiny town called Pescadero. We went on a small hike, enjoyed the cliffsides alongside the ocean and stopped into the popular Harley Farms Goat Dairy. Harley Farms has hundred of goats and makes all sorts of delicious treats to enjoy as a result.

image_9(Plain goat cheese with edible flowers- we got this, it was out of this world good)

 image_4(Goat cheese truffles? Yes, please!)

image_10(You can’t see it here but they have light green eggs!)

image_13(We tasted this spicy mint olive oil which was tasty on a piece of sourdough)

image_14(Goat cheese soaked in olive oil and sun dried tomatoes. I didn’t try this but will consider it when we go back)

image_7Everything there was so quaint and beautifully presented. The people were extra friendly and we had an overall wonderful experience there. We even got to see some of the baby goats try to climb up a slanted piece of wood with very little luck. If you ever find yourself in Pescadero, you should stop into Harley Farms.


Morro Rock.

Morro Rock

This Easter weekend, I went for a walk on the beach along Morro Rock in Morro Bay. It was an ideal day, the weather was beautiful and we collected sand dollars and oyster shells. The one thing I love about living in California is being able to visit the water anytime I want!

Morro Rock(This bit of seaweed washed ashore and left this pretty marking in the sand)

Morro Rock(Sandpipers hunting for something to eat)

Morro Rock(I’m sure you’ve heard of seahorses, but have you heard of the Morro Bay Sea Papillons?)

Morro Rock

Morro RockI loved seeing the mist coming off of the water, it was great day to be out on the sand!