Baking Bad.

Every year my mom and I attempt to bake. It always ends up with us creating something completely new to the universe. It’s if fudge, it turns into this runny chocolate creation that we just pile on top of ice cream and serve that way. We are just really really bad at baking. This year we tried a couple of no bake recipes that ended up being not only edible but serve-able! We can actually give these to people and they will be excited to eat them! Yipee! Check them out!

Reindeer Treat(A reindeer treat- As cute as it is delicious)

Reindeer Treat(What you need: Marshmallows, Dark Chocolate Chips, Mini Pretzels, Candy Eyes, and Lollipop Sticks)

Reindeer Treat(Step 1: Put on your elf apron! Put a marshmallow on a stick and dip it in the melted chocolate chips)

Reindeer Treat(Step 2: Place your chocolate dipped marshmallow into two mini pretzels- for ears!)

Reindeer Treat(Step 3: Add on candy eyes and a red icing nose)

If you are looking for something even easier…

Graham Cracker Recipe(Ingredients: Graham Crackers, Dark Chocolate Chips, Candy Cane Bits)

Graham Cracker Recipe(Dip Graham Cracker cookies into melted dark chocolate and sprinkle candy cane bits on top. Cool and serve!)

No bake recipes are pretty simple and very delicious! Anything that minimizes the amount of measuring and cooking is a friend of mine! Happy Holidays and have fun baking this season!