Cardigan Casual.

(tank – Cotton On, cardigan – similar here, sandals – similar here)

DSC_0015The gold details help liven up the simple outfit.

DSC_0011This is the most comfortable outfit you can throw on for work or social settings.  This is my go-to BBQ outfit because it’s layered and comfortable.  What’s your go-to BBQ outfit?

Going Out?

IMG_1923Ok, this is misleading because I rarely “go out” but I knew I had to have this top in the event that I ended up at BootieSF one night. If you don’t know what Bootie is, good- let’s leave it at that. But for those of you who do, isn’t this the perfect top for a night of dancing to live mash-ups?

IMG_1913(A close up of the sequins- honestly, they will cut you if you aren’t careful. It’s amazing)

IMG_1917(The camera can hardly focus with all of the light bouncing off the shirt)

IMG_1911(I also love the V in the back of the top)

IMG_1918(Pants- Gap. There is a subtle pleather detail here, it adds a little something)

I’ve had this top for about a year and have never had the right opportunity to wear it. Does that happen to you? Should we stop buying pieces in the hopes that we will one day have a reason to wear it? Maybe not, maybe we need to start planning more events around the clothes that we buy or swap with our friends. 😉


DSC_0269Ok, I was super jealous when Brittany got this sweet shark sweatshirt so when I found out that Forever 21 had a dinosaur version– I had to have it! It’s so loud, fun, and quirky that it makes me feel eleven years old again.

DSC_0266(Layers of color- it has stopped people in their tracks)

DSC_0273(Skirt- Anthropologie)

DSC_0305(Ring- Marc Jacobs)

DSC_0350(Wedge sneakers- Charlotte Russe)

I love wearing outfits that flow from piece to piece naturally but make no sense at the same time. This is one of those outfits.

Weekly Find: Embroidered Shorts

IMG_9751We found these great fringed jean shorts with embroidered detail at Charlotte Russe’s sample sale. While we are unsure if they will make it to their stores, we are finding this trend all over and we really love it for summer! Some of our favorites are here and here. They’d also make a great DIY project too, maybe add some beads and/or sequins and you will have a unqiue piece to show off to friends.

Easy Breezy

IMG_9840Brittany gave me this great dotted chevron print top from Charlotte Russe the other day. We were so lucky to have an actual day of summer weather in San Francisco, that I decided to pair it with my new pair of white shorts (Old Navy). I think this is a very simple and comfortable outfit for the breezy summer days.

IMG_9839(Close up of the print)

IMG_9843I am loving these silky tops, they really dress up a casual outfit!


Bold Prints.

IMG_9889On my very first trip to New York ever, I made it into a very packed Zara in SoHo and found this awesome dress. I absolutely love the print and mod feel, not to mention the cool middle pockets that I usually only find on sweatshirts. Another fun fact about this dress, Lena Dunham was recently wearing it while shooting the new season of Girls.


(Perfectly paired blue chandelier earrings- Charlotte Russe. Notice the boxy sleeves, I love these!)


(Awesome pocket detail and a  playful coral costume ring)

IMG_9892(My new obsession, these slip on flats- Franco Sarto)


This is a great dress to slip on when the weather starts to heat up. The cut is simple but unique and I always gravitate towards anything that flares a bit. It’s a great dress for my build!

Red, White, and Blue.


I love summertime and especially when the fourth of July rolls around.  It feels like summer is in full swing and it’s a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate the long, warm nights.  This year, my festive outfit is not as outwardly red, white, and blue as I’ve done in the past but a simple white dress with red lips and blue nails.

Revlon red lip gloss and Maybelline blue polish.

Charlotte Russe gold plated flats.


I’m ready for the fourth!

Coachella Chic.

Coachella ChicCoachella is kind of like this weird place where you can wear absolutely anything you want and it is cool. I won’t be there this year but Brittany will and from the sounds of it, Coachella gets hot! I think the key to that particular festival is to wear something that will keep you cool but maybe with sweet combat boots (my favorite) to ensure your toes stay attached to your feet!

Coachella Chic(Must have #1: Cheap shades. Chances are, these babies aren’t going to survive the weekend, so make sure they are cute but under $10)

Coachella Chic(Must have #2: This is the softest tee I have ever worn, dress for comfort!)

Coachella Chic(Must have #3: Risk. Wear something you probably wouldn’t otherwise. In my case, high waisted acid wash shorts. These are pretty cool but I probably wouldn’t wear them in my normal day to day life)

Coachella ChicPut these all together and you have a pretty solid outfit for Coachella. Now, enjoy the music!

Neon Nuance.

IMG_8363I don’t switch it up too much but I do love bright colors and a blazer is the perfect piece to shake up an outfit with.  It’s a fun cut and an awesome bright neon orange.  I also love mixing casual with fancy, there’s something to be said about being comfortable enough to make it through the business day but chic enough to know you didn’t just throw something on.

orange blazerWith this fun cut out in the back, it adds a funky side to it.  This jacket hasn’t been released yet but will be in Charlotte Russe stores soon!

Picture1Caged sandal heels found here.

IMG_8367I try to pair complimentary colors together for an extra pop.

Get your neon on!