DIY Coffee Zone.


I saw this great idea on Pinterest and was eager to give it a try.  In my apartment, my roommates and I have an overwhelming amount of coffee mugs that take up multiple shelves so I was on the hunt for a fix to save space.  We now have a lot more counter space and a cute coffee area.

This is the before, we needed some major organizational help.

I started from the top down, setting the new wall mug hangers first.  I ordered them off of amazon.


The after!  So much better.

What DIY projects are you getting into this weekend?  Or share any links in the comments section of some of your DIY’s, I love getting ideas from other blogs and will link back 🙂

Jackson Hole Eats.

We had a pretty epic food tour throughout our trip and there wasn’t one bad stop.  Leaving San Francisco, you never know what kind of food you will encounter on travels because we have such a wide variety of goodness in the city.  Jackson Hole definitely had fantastic food everywhere we went thanks to Julia’s guidance on her favorite spots!

Persephone – NOM!  The coffee and pastries were SO good.


Gluten free options included like the above deliciousness!

Sitting outside enjoying our coffee and treats 🙂

Nora’s huevos rancheros!  Need I say more?

Unreal coffee and pastries from Elevated Grounds.

Seriously drool worthy.

Teton Thai!  We went here after our hike and chowed down, it was SO good.  Be careful with your spice levels though, I got a 2 spice level and it still had a pretty good kick.

Amazing local brews like this Jenny Lake Lager from Snake River Brewery!

We had a pretty epic food tour thanks to Julia for sharing all her favorite spots with us :).  You must add these to your list when planning a trip to Jackson Hole!

A Taste of the Sunset.

Over the weekend, I made it my mission to just hang around the city and relax.  I love being on the go and don’t usually rest as much as I should so I did a mini taste tour around the sunset district in San Francisco and thought I’d share my good finds.  I’ve pretty much quit coffee, I now drink tea so not a caffeine purge, but when this adorable Snowbird Coffee shop opened up I couldn’t wait to try it.

It’s such a quaint, cute spot with hand poured coffees.

Not to mention, cute little accents.

There’s also a awesome recycling program they have in the back of their store.  You can bring your old bottle of shampoos/soaps/etc and they will refill it for a much lower price than if you bought in store.  Love this concept and I can’t wait to go snag some re-fills!

I went for the almond milk latte and enjoyed it immensely.

If you are a beer fan, the other notable stop in the sunset district is the new Sunset Reservoir Brewery.  We tried some appetizers and the beer sampler.  They have a dinner menu that I’m sure is pretty good but it seems like a better place for some beers and snacks.

It’s a really great space with lots of great features.  We were sitting up on a balcony but there is plenty of space throughout the brewery.

My favorite of the 5 samples was the Double IPA if you are an IPA fan.

There you have it, two new spots for great sips in the sunset district of San Francisco!  What are some of your favorite spots?

Pisa, Pisa.

imageSo many memories flood my mind when I think about our trip to Europe but by far one of the funnest days we had in Italy was when we took the train to Pisa.  We had no idea what to expect and we had been tucked away in a very remote mountain villa so it was like all of the sudden we had a field day!  As soon as we got there, these Italians gave us these vodka drinks with these crazy straws and the code to free internet.  It was like we didn’t even need to see the small town of Pisa but of course we eventually meandered on.

imageOh yeah, they also gave us these awesome little cookies with our cappuccino’s.  What more could we ask for?!

imageWe sheepishly asked a vendor (after our drinks, you can’t blame us), where the tower was and low and behold it was right around the corner!


IMG_0387I love this photo of Chels.




IMG_0353Of course I did the obvious jump shot.

IMG_0389It really does lean!

IMG_0343I love that you can see the people in this one on the top tier.





I’ve heard many say that they were not amused with Pisa and let’s be honest, it is a very small place.  No matter how small though, we found it incredibly beautiful.  Chelsea also taught me that Van Gogh’s “field of dreams” was here where he would paint.  I loved this fact because I found it very picturesque and the large lawns seem like the perfect painting grounds.  Pisa is worth a visit if you ask us!

I’m Gonna Eat You Up.

Anyone who knows Brittany and me will tell you we both love to eat. That didn’t change one bit in Italy, in fact I think our love of eating heightened to dangerous levels. Once we were done with a meal, we were discussing what we would eat next. After looking through my photos I was alarmed by how many pictures of food I took, but not alarmed enough to not share them with you! Take a look as we ate our way through Italy.

Gelato(I tried every flavor, I guarantee it!)


(At times two cappuccinos were ordered, walking gets tiring!)

Meringues(This meringue was the size of my head. Don’t worry, I ate 1/10th of it and then decided that was enough sugar for the day)


(This watermelon taffy was amazingly delicious!)

Arancini(My boyfriend and I make arancini once per quarter, that’s all we’re allowed to consume. But when the cat’s away, the mouse will play)

Sweets(We love candy, we love it. And the sweet stores were so beautiful in Venice!)

Lemonade(Britt found this lemon slushie that made our mouths pucker. I am obsessed with lemons so this was a real treat!)


The one thing I learned about Italy? It’s delicious.

Sprinkle Crack

IMG_6830I can’t explain my fascination with comparing things to crack.  It just seems like people use the term crack when talking about very addicting things and you know, sprinkles are very addicting to me.  Therefore I present, Sprinkle Crack!  You may remember these pretty sprinkles that I used in this recent post when making Cake in a Cup.  They have resurfaced in creating special lattes/coffees!  This is just to add a little more happy to your day.

IMG_6829(It’s these beautiful crystalized, sprinkles again.  You can use them for so many great things)

IMG_6835(Just add them to the top of your frothed milk.  I have this little handheld frother that works great or when at my parents’, they have a milk steamer which is heaven!)

IMG_6851(To enjoy it even more, I throw on some heart glasses and drink that bad boy down.  Instant motivation to have an over the top fabulous day.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, you just become more festive.  Who would’ve thought that all it takes is some sprinkles and some fabulous shades?!)

IMG_6850I can’t even begin to explain the joy coffee brings to me so just adding a little extra sprinkle to my day, really starts things off right.  And hey, why not pass the joy on??  When making a latte or coffee for a friend, surprise them by adding a few pretty sprinkles to their cup.  You will have a bestie for life!

The Writing’s on the Wall.

San Francisco is a city that embraces art and expression of many kinds. Graffiti and urban artwork can be found on pretty much every corner. While some of it is actually destructive vandalism, we wanted to highlight the mural art that shows true talent and adds color to some of the city streets.

(Our lunch walks often take us down Pacific Street close to the North Beach end. This mural is on the back of a very cute coffee shop and you know how we love getting our caffeine on)

(Haight Street is an infamous area that I live close to. It is full of all kinds of “colorful” people and the walls are no different. I read the word “Smile” in this, do you?)

(Brittany gets lost in the colors)

(This rainbow is full of tiny drawings iconic to San Francisco. The orange area is my favorite illustrating the unique look of the typical San Francisco home)

(Looks like I’m at the end of this rainbow)

(This reminds me of Medusa meets Alien. Brittany loved it so much, she had to give it kisses)

(I ain’t afraid of no alien)

(But a weird Frog King- I am terrified of!)

There hundreds of super cool murals in the city, could never share them all. But there are some that really brighten our days, proving that not all graffiti is bad!