Gray Malin Spotlight.

I recently discovered the amazing photographer, Gray Malin. Best known for his unique aerial shots, he really knows how to emphasize color from above. Here are a few of my very favorites!gray2

(Coogee Wave)


(Orange and Green Striped Umbrellas)

gray4(Orange Crush)

gray5(Aqua Glam)

I love the refreshing look of these images. They make me feel so happy every time I look at them. They are a bit on the pricey side (in my opinion) but eventually I might bite the bullet and purchase some for our new home!

From Coogee to Bondi.

DSC_0002Before leaving for Sydney, my Australian friends and travelers told us the one thing we needed to do was the walk from Coogee to Bondi beach. It ended up being one of our best days there!

DSC_0016(Our starting point- Coogee Beach)

DSC_0034(We walked along the coast and saw some beautiful homes as well as these cool mosaic stairs – reminiscent of San Francisco)

DSC_0057(The waves were pretty high that day which was super refreshing as the temperature hit to around 90 degrees!)

DSC_0067(This was a cool find- a very old cemetery along the water)

DSC_0089(I found this oddly cool- a swimming club on the beach. Hmm)

DSC_0091(We made it to the famous Bondi Beach! This area is a lot like San Diego, people running around in bikinis and ice cream for days)

The water was too cold for me to brave but the scenery was spectacular!