Cotton Cover Ups.

Let’s face it, after the holidays of non-stop eating and maybe a little (or a lot) of drinking, it’s hard to hop right back into your regular clothes.  Cotton tops are my go-to’s in these times since they are nice and stretchy as well as very comfortable.  I had an awesome colleague at my last job send me off with tons of cute new blazers and cover ups for my next job.  They were a life saver after I came back from my Bosnian horse trip of a lifetime late on a Sunday night only to start my new job early Monday morning.  I pretty much wore the same pants and black short sleeved body suit all week and just kept swapping blazers and cover ups.

(Similar, affordable styles here)




 These were great gifts to send me off to a new job as they were very wearable and saved me during my jet-lagged week!

We’re Ballers, Shot Collars.

Lately we have been liking collars as accessories. The collar necklace is super trendy but we have been loving the way scooped collars have been appearing on understated shirts.

(Brittany has a beaded collar on a flowy shirt which looks great with her hair pulled back)

(Or her hair let down)

(Close up of the beaded detail)

(My cotton baby dollish tee has a silky collar that adds a little something)

(It can also be paired with a cropped vest for a less childlike look)

(Close up of the polka dot collar detail)

Something simple like a scooped collar can always fancy up a simple tee. It looks great layered for Winter, so if you see a collar you like, try it on with other layers like a thick vest or a cardigan.