Delicious Dishes – Pumpkin Muffins!

CupcakeFaceI love to bake. Ask Chelsea, sometimes I bring a tupperware full of freshly baked cupcakes to the office and before I have even sat down she is standing behind me demanding to know what that delicious smell is. And the tupperware is air tight! I’m a little worried about her actually, she can eat her weight in cupcakes- I mean it isn’t pretty about 15 minutes later but she keeps doing it. I digress! My mom has always been a baker so she has shared her recipes and kitchen with me since I was a little girl.  Fall is my favorite time of the year for baking because the best spices start to appear in all kinds of delicious dishes.  With that being said, I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes for pumpkin muffins and what I do to make them seasonally perfect!  Using this recipe, you’re sure to make lots of friends by bringing them these sweet treats- just don’t tell Chelsea because she doesn’t like to share or save any for others.

(I always bring all of the ingredients out first and put them away as I add them to the mixing bowl.  That way I remember what I’ve already added.)

(I usually add things to my liking so for this recipe I added about a teaspoon of Ginger spice, a bunch of raisins, and coconut.  Once you get comfortable baking, it’s fun to throw in flavors that will add that extra bit of delicious-ness.)

(I’ve started sprinkling coconut on my baked goods instead of frosting for a healthier alternative.  I love coconut and it adds the perfect texture and taste.  I like to use cute paper cups to share with friends but you can also bake without any of the cups in the pan just make sure to grease the pan first.)

(They come out golden and crisp but still soft in the center after 20 minutes.  They also fill your house with an amazing Fall aroma.)

Make these this weekend and share them with your friends! Thank you for a great second week, see you on Monday!

5 Things That Make Your Work Day Suck Less.


You’re dragging your feet, whimpering quietly to yourself, and wondering “Why God? Why me?!” You know what we’re talking about, it’s Monday. The fun is over and it is time to get back in the office and spend your day taking orders from The Man. But then sometimes there is a little light peeking over that rock you have been working behind; we like to call that light “happy accidents”.

1. Unidentifiable Smells

Yup, you read that right. An unidentifiable smell equals the potential to be sent home from work early. Let’s face it, 99% of the time it was just some poor sap who shouldn’t have had beans the night before.

2. Awesome Bands

While we are choosing not to disclose where we work, we must say that sometimes lunch means free pizza and the band Fun. That. Does. Not. Suck.

3. Amateur P.I. Sites

You know the days when there is not much going on and you decide to check your personal “Amateur P.I. For Hire” site’s email? Yeah, we thought so. Well, turns out someone needs your service- there has been an unidentifiable smell found in the second floor of your work, better go find out who just ate beans. This brings us to a future post called “We Investigate”, stayed tuned for that gem.

4. YouTube Stardom

Guess what?! That weirdo video you posted of you and your bestie in your pajamas singing about choochoo trains just got 5 hits! That was 4 more since you told your mom you posted it that day, she must have told her neighbors! 5 hits, I think that’s considered viral! You’re going to need to get ready for the fans, paparazzi, and lack of privacy, you know, all the things that go with super stardom.

5. Sweet Surprises

Remember that diet you were going to start today? Well forget about it because a box of cupcakes were delivered to your work at 9 in the morning because some random-person-you-have-never-once-spoken-to is having a birthday! Where’s my confetti gun? It’s time to party!