Devil Those Eggs.

IMG_7757Who doesn’t love a good deviled egg???  It’s one of my favorite dishes at Easter time and any other time of year!  My mom makes a mean deviled egg and while I was helping her prepare some dishes the other day, she let me take control of finalizing these bad boys.  I know it sounds silly but it’s hard to make a deviled egg look delicious and delicate.  Normally, we just splatter the filling inside because at the end of day they are just going to our bellies anyway!  This time, I tried a few new things to go for more of a presentation and this is what I came up with.


IMG_7750(Put the filling in a plastic bag and cut off a small piece of the corner.  This way you can squeeze a pre-meditated mound on the egg white)

IMG_7751(Things get messy.  It’s all part of the fun!)


IMG_7756(After the filling has filled all of the eggs, I sprinkled small amounts of Paprika and Sea Salt to finalize these Easter eggs)

Gobble, gobble.  These were gone very fast once we put them out for dinner.  My mom has a lot of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to cooking and baking.  I know whatever it is she is making, I’m going to want some of it.  These deviled eggs are definitely one of her gems.

Happy Easter, from me and Chels!