Festival Vibes.


Over the weekend, we went to the annual BFD festival at Shoreline in Mountain View, CA.  Having worked for the station that hosts the event, we always appreciate the hard work put into it and it’s nice to see all of our old colleagues.  It can be tough figuring out what to wear because it’s usually warm during the day but cools down at night.

My go to is a combo of shorts, tank, jacket, sandals and a blanket to be able to chill out in between sets or on the lawn.

I’m a huge fan of the Bohemiam style and aztec prints.

I love rocking a hat too for sun protection during the day and warmth at night.  This one is a good one because it’s small enough that it wouldn’t block anyone’s view at night.

I also love to have a back pack.  In mine, includes sunscreen, ear plugs, leggings, and my wallet/phone.

What’s your go to festival outfit?

Funny thing about “Pompeii”

There’s in fact nothing funny about the real happenings at Pompeii but as Chelsea said in yesterday’s post, the tune was crushing the airwaves in Europe while we were there.  After Chelsea headed back to the state, I actually had the chance to see Bastille and photograph their live show in Holland!  I’d never seen them before and LOVED their live show.  So much energy and a tent full of pulsing Europeans.  It was a recipe for a good time and I enjoyed it immensely.  Check out this up and coming band that will be sure to blow your socks off if you catch them on tour this year.

IMG_2483(Their stage set up and people piling in)







IMG_2572(Packed tent!)

I didn’t know many of their songs besides Pompeii before I saw Bastille live but now can say I’m a huge fan of their entire album, Bad Blood.  I’ve seen a lot of bands and Bastille brought non-stop energy and good tunes.  Check them out!

Bottlerock Y’all.

So, a pair of VIP tickets to Bottlerock landed in my lap this past Thursday and while I am not a huge fan of festivals, I decided to go because I was going to be in Napa anyway! Nick and I only went on Saturday and here is my official review of the first of what I’m sure will be an annual event.

Crowd(The crowds were there, that’s for sure)

It was a very warm 85 degrees in Napa which was nice because there was a great breeze. On the other hand, it was super dirty and the Expo grounds had hay everywhere which was not great for people with allergies. Other than that, the grounds were an okay location for this event.

Janes(We watched the hysterical Jane’s Addiction play. They were great, I was super impressed and stoked that I got a chance to check them out)

Edward Sharpe(We checked out a little bit of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes. They were pretty good but I think the craziest part was finding out that Dwight’s gf from “The Office” is in the band!)

Kings of Leon(Kings of Leon were amazing! I have never been able to see them before and I thought they sounded great! I am so glad they are back together!)

Adam(Our friend Adam was taking advantage of the wine portion of the festival!)

Chelsea and Nick(Nick and I taking a seat in between bands)

Overall, as much as I enjoyed seeing Kings of Leon, I would not recommend this festival (unless you get free tickets, then go). It’s overpriced for what it is and there are so many other festivals in the area that put this one to shame. It’s pretty unorganized and the stage areas are way too small for how large some of the acts are (ie Edward Sharpe). Maybe it’s because it was it’s first year but I thought security was super intense and over the top- it’s a Napa Valley festival for crying out loud. They were more concerned about people smuggling in logs of salami than weapons.  Also, they made you throw out your wine when you wanted to go into the comedy venue- only to be selling more wine inside, shady. But Kings of Leon were amazing and I am glad we went and experienced it!

Coachella Wants and Wishes

Coachella 2012With the massive music lovers festival right around the corner (literally), I’ve began to pack.  Packing is so much fun for Coachella because despite my experience with the extremely cold weather last year (we deemed it Snowchella), it’s typically the first taste of real summer.  Our whole group of friends rallies together to camp out away from the festival on an amazing piece of property where there are horses, a pool, and endless good times.  During my packing process, I’ve come across many items that are totally justifiable to buy and bring and also many that are a more of a want (the things you want to buy but can’t justify when you know Coachella may be the only place you get to rock the piece).

BP Sunglasses(WANT: BP sunglasses are my jam!  They are always under $15 and adorable.  Not to mention you don’t feel bad if they get lost or broken)

white scalloped swim suit(WISH:  These amazing scalloped swimsuits designed by Stone Cold Fox are definitely on my wish list)

cheetah print vans(WANT: These cheetah print vans are wild and cute)

Spell Byron Bay Skirt(WISH: Beautiful maxi skirts/dresses to wear to stay cool and enjoy the festival.  This one is by Spell Designs)

Anyone else going to Coachella this year?!  What musicians are you looking forward to seeing?