Come Fly With Me.


 My brother is a pilot and has always had an extreme love for flying.  My step dad wanted to try out flying as well so my mom gave him a flight lesson for their anniversary this year.  We went along to check it out and to my surprise they asked me if I wanted to come along in the plane as well.  Of course, I hopped on this opportunity.  I love flying and find it to be very peaceful.  Snapping photos along the way, this is what I saw.

(Learning the ropes with his instructor, Justin, from Ahart Aviation)

(It was a beautiful day out)

(Mt. Diablo)


IMG_7676(We saw the blimp taking off when we were landing!)

This inspiration to fly came from my brother who is a true American hero.  He has been flying ever since he could and now is a pilot for the Air Force.  His pictures are so incredible I had to share a few.  I’m in awe of him and the things he has done. 540126_10151933937214580_94653726_n
(He and his crew flew their helicopter into Candle Stick Park (RIP) to help film the movie Contagion.  Thought I’d throw this in there since last night the last football game to be played in Candle Stick was held.)

(OK and there was a hunky actor or two…)

(My brother when he was on helicopters!  So proud)

(He will now be piloting that large plane in front – the C130)

(He’s truly seen it all.)

And now he will get to pass it onto his first born, Matthew 🙂

Hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friends!