Summer is Coming.

DSC_0766In San Francisco summer doesn’t mean beach bodies, pina coladas, and sun kissed skin. It’s the time of year that you need to gather your coats because Karl the Fog is coming! If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you know the saying “winter is coming” can instill immediate fear for any of the characters. That’s how we San Franciscans feel about summer.

Here’s a guide to making through these next few months.

DSC_0767(Be sure to exercise during these months because September is when we visit the beach)

DSC_0770(Wear a bright jacket so that drivers can see you through the fog)

DSC_0771(Embrace your wind blown hair, it’s just not worth trying to fight it)

We love San Francisco and know it is the most amazing city in the states so we aren’t complaining. But come on, Karl! Can you give us a little break?

The San Francisco Treat.

imageSan Francisco, why you looking so good these days??  We’re not mad about it and we are especially excited that it’s Friday.  Everyone get outside and enjoy this Friday/weekend like it’s nobody’s business.


imageSan Francisco’s infamous fog has never looked so beautiful.


Have a great weekend!

When the Fog Rolls in.

imageWhile in the small village of Rocca, Italy, there was such a beautiful canyon that let the fog seep through it from time to time.  It varies on a day to day basis but up in these lush green Italian hills, there’s a calm.  Rocca overlooks the Devil’s Bridge from a far ways up and sits quietly at the top of a mountain.  It’s the perfect place for some R&R.



IMG_9662(Watching the sun shine through)

IMG_9668(Enjoying some coffee with a view, a happy place for me)

IMG_9669(Slowly, the sun burns off the fog)


IMG_9679Another beautiful day to enjoy.

There are so many different ways to travel and enjoy your time off.  Choosing to stay in a small village is great for rest, relaxation, and views even when the fog rolls through.