School Days.

DSC_1117I am not sure if I was lucky or not because I didn’t have to wear a uniform to school. On one hand, it would have been easy enough to know what to wear to class each day and on the other I would have looked just like everyone else. I wasn’t a super fashionable kid growing up, I was obsessed with rock music and basically wore a band tee to school every day but that was my thing. So, I guess I am happy that I didn’t have to wear a uniform to school- but if I did I would want it to look like this.

(Shirt- thrift store find, Necklace- J. Crew, Skirt & Tights- Forever 21, Shoes- Charlotte Russe, Bag- Kate Spade)

DSC_1106(I love a chunky necklace tucked under a collar. It’s simple and cute)

DSC_1108(A thick cotton skirt is perfect for winter)

DSC_1112(I have had these oxford style booties for about 7 years and I love them more and more every time I put them on. They are classic and will work for me until the end of time. I repair smudges with a black sharpie…shhh, that is our secret)

DSC_1109(I love this color and the double zippers add extra space!)

I hope everyone had a lovely MLK Jr. Day!


DSC_1156One of my favorite colors to wear is Oxblood or Merlot. It’s such a rich color that can really add a pop to any look. I decided to try to push the limit on how much of the color I could realistically pull off in one go.

Top & Tights- Forever 21, Skirt- Nordstrom BP, Purse- Papaya.

DSC_1152(Necklace- gift from my friend Aya, Rings- Sandpeople and Kiko)


DSC_1157(Bracelet- Jest Jewels)

Striped Summer Casual.

IMG_4749I finally got a pair of Converse sneakers that are pretty much the ultimate city walking shoe. The best part is that I can wear them with jeans or casual dresses, like this tee-dress.

IMG_4757(Hat & Dress- Forever 21)

IMG_4759(Super cute jean bag- Forever 21)

IMG_4756I have been trying really hard to fill my closet with really basic pieces. I’ve been getting inspired by all of these minimalist closets that people have been showcasing. It’s not easy to part with flashy things that you hardly ever wear but these few basic pieces can be swapped out in so many different ways to create entirely new looks. Happy Summer everyone!

Sequined Wear.

DSC_0255I love glittery, shimmery things. Love them. When I saw this top I knew it would be a great go-to for a night out or even a day at work. I recently paired it with black jeggings and cut-out booties for an evening show. Very randomly, this whole outfit, aside from the flats, is from Forever 21. I tend to grab a lot of basics from there.

DSC_0266(Black clutch- Forever 21)

DSC_0268(Flats- Charlotte Russe)

DSC_0279(Starburst earrings- Forever 21)

DSC_0256(Sequined top- Forever 21)

Outfit Re-do: Sleek Skirt

DSC_0288We believe in wearing your favorite piece over and over again because they are just clothes and it is fun to reinvent in outfit in a new way. But sometimes, there is that one skirt that just looks best with a basic tank and this is that skirt for me. You have seen it before here but I chose to wear it again on a crazy warm day in Sydney (think 95 degrees)! We were walking through the Botanical Gardens to the Opera House, this was a great day!

DSC_0290(The view isn’t too bad, is it?)

DSC_0295(This hat went through a lot on this trip, it flew off my head on a boat but was retrieved thankfully because it was my saving grace against the sun)

DSC_0309(A bit washed out but there is the Opera House behind us)

Sydney is such an active city, everyone is running, jogging, or walking around the city. It was a beautiful day and we were so happy to soak in the sites!

Retro Plaid.

DSC_0165I wore this outfit for the first time in class a couple of weeks ago and a classmate of mine couldn’t quite put her finger on what era it was from. Well, it’s definitely from Nordstrom Rack but has a little hippy flair to it, don’t you think?

DSC_0158(Nobody on this planet loves a turtleneck the way I do. This super soft and cozy one is Forever 21)

DSC_0163(Skirt- Mink Pink)

DSC_0195(These shoes look awesome on but are the most uncomfortable things on the planet; I think the heel is too thin. I tell you this because I love you. But, if you insist they are by Leuven Alexander)

DSC_0180I guess the point is, if you want to wear a turtleneck with a skirt- do it. Embrace elegant juxtaposition.

Geometric Dress.

DSC_1858During a recent weekend in San Diego, I hopped over to the Forever 21 across the street from the US Grant where we were staying. I must say, San Diego has the best selection of summer dresses as they have extremely warm weather. I found this great dress and have gotten countless compliments when wearing it. Similar dress is here and here.

DSC_1863(I love this fun tribal print)


DSC_1864(Metal tipped flats from Charlotte Russe)

DSC_1865The pleats in this dress and the thick pieces of material make this dress look and feel more expensive than it actually is. I really love it, it’s one of my favorite summer purchases so far!

Summer Stripes.

When the weather gets a little warmer, that is when I love to wear my white jeans. Surprisingly, my favorite pair have come from Forever 21 for only $9.80!

IMG_9134(Top from H&M, Jeans from Forever 21, Heels from H&M)

IMG_9138(I love the long back to this trapeze top)

IMG_9139(Pop of color with these pointy heels)

IMG_9140(Add in some orange lipstick and you have a great summer palate)

I love the casual dress of summertime but I wish the city was a bit less windy these days!