We’re Over It.

We have been under a lot of stuff lately. Things like pita salad sandwiches, matte finish lipgloss, and ginger chocolates (yeah, we know!) are flawless items that make us so happy. But lately we have been feeling a little disgruntled when thinking about certain styles and foods that we used to love. Maybe you are just as pissed off as we are, are you over it too?

Boots-VS-Booties(This seems silly but if we see another girl with high boots and skinny jeans, we are going to PASS OUT from boredom. This style is exhausted and that’s why we love booties! They have the same curb appeal as boots but can be dressed up and down in a simpler way. Studded, suede, or shiny, we LOVE them!)

Bangles-vs-Bracelets(Bangles are cute but they are clunky, loud, and so big that they fly off your wrist and smack your co-worker straight in the face. That’s why we are crazy about homemade friendship bracelets. We recently bought a ton of supplies and have been making them for each other on our commute to work! You can wear as many as your arm can hold, and still look classier than an arm full of bangles. Check out an amazing DIY here!)


(In an office environment it is hard to stay healthy, that’s why we eat oatmeal in the morning. Yeah, we’re over it. Hand us another slice of that week old pizza please, we’ll eat a salad at lunch.)

Ice-Cream-FroYo(I know you may have been expecting us to pick the ice cream after the cold pizza comment but come on, we’re not monsters. FroYo is a healthy and delicious alternative to ice cream. I read somewhere that you can eat like 40 bowls of FroYo and still not equal one bowl of ice cream, or something like that. I don’t know, this stuff is delicious, especially if you add gummi bears, you gotta add gummi bears otherwise I just don’t see the point.)