July – Beautiful Madness.

There are so many wonderful things about summer, especially July.  It’s usually the first real month of warmer nights and celebrations.  The 4th of July has always been a really fun holiday to celebrate because it doesn’t focus on anyone specifically but brings an entire mass of people together in America.  Our favorites of July happen to naturally be colorful, edible, and fashion related.  Weird, right?

imageWho doesn’t love sky art?!  Whether it be watching in a crowded field with thousands of others or watching with close friends at a home or on a hill.  Grab a picnic and set up camp with your friends and loved one!

imageNom nom nom.  This speaks for itself.  Although you can have watermelon pretty much year round in California, it tastes so much better when it’s hot out and the watermelon is nice and cold!  Also, you can make a tasty cocktail to drop in one, why not!

imageThis is the time to bust it out.  Everyone loves a good denim pattern but can’t really figure out the appropriate time to wear it.  Now is the time and rock that ish all summer ’cause you look good!

And hey, Happy Fourth of July from us here at IFL!
xoxo, Britt and Chels

DIY – Country Caramel Apple Cake Pops

With the weather getting colder, there is nothing better than a warm sweet treat to end a long day.  We find weekends are the best time to experiment with new cooking and baking recipes.  I saw this cake pop kit at Target and knew we had to give it a go.  Now that I’ve made them, I see how obviously you can make them sans kit.  However, if you are looking for a quick fix this is not your project.  These are pretty time consuming but come out great.

1. Bake the cake.  We chose apple-cinnamon since that is what the cake pops will end up looking like.

2. Make the caramel frosting (You can find a good recipe here).  Break up the cake after cooling for about 15 minutes and mix in half the frosting so the mix is a thick crumbly substance.

3. Ball the cake substance into about 1 inch balls.  Place in freezer until you melt the red chocolate in the next step.

4. Melt red chocolate chips (which you can usually purchase at your local grocery store). You can do this on a stove in a pan or in the microwave which is how I chose to do it.  Be careful though, you don’t want the frosting to burn.

5. Dip stick in frosting, then place stick in the middle of the cake pop.

6. Then roll cake pop in the red frosting.  You have to move fast through this process because the frosting starts to harden.

7. Place in pan so that frosting can harden.

8. Then dip lower half of the cake pop in  in caramel frosting (the half batch you have left from step 2).

9. Top off the cake pop with a little squeeze of green frosting (which you can make like the red frosting, however you don’t need much).

Voila!  You’ve got some adorable cake pops sure to fuel any persons sugar drive.