Baby Sprinkle Fun!


A few weekends ago, my mom/stepmom/myself teamed up to throw Liz a fun baby shower!  We are beyond excited to meet the new baby and Liz definitely deserves to be pampered before the next bundle comes along.  We were on Pinterest quite a bit trying to find the cutest things for the shower and we found lots of goodness.  I thought I’d share some of the shower on here in case you are throwing a shower for someone special anytime soon 🙂

Since this will be baby number 2 and it’s called a sprinkle, we went with sprinkled donuts of course 🙂

We also had a simple but delicious DIY parfait bar.

Mini bacon wrapped sausages baked in brown sugar.

A DIY headband stand!  It’s a fun way to make something for the baby 🙂

Party favors for the guests – OPI nail polish in color “It’s a Girl” – it was perfect!


My stepmom Vicki is so creative, she really added such a beautiful touch to the shower and my mom is so great at cooking and baking, the food was excellent.  It was great to work together on this and celebrate my awesome sister, Lizzy!  Hope we gave you some ideas that are helpful and would love to hear any ideas of things you may have done in the past in the comments!

Island Life.


One of the best parts of vacation is just relaxing.  We definitely tried to detox from the working world as much as possible.  Nothing like fresh coconuts and a dip in the pool to rinse the sea salt from the ocean off.

We had access to a few different pools and really enjoyed the one next to the ocean.

I am that tourist dork 🙂

Taking a nap at sunset on the pier.

Vacation mode is the best!

Fall Crop.


I’m the last person to rock a crop top but when I found this skirt and top, I just loved them.  They are comfortable and I love love love the print.  It’s also one of the only outfits I don’t feel like a giant when I wear heels because they are concealed by the skirt.

IMG_0762There is also a fun slit down the front.



It seems weird to be still wearing sleeveless tops but with this Indian Summer here in SF, we will take it!

On Me, On You.


Being besties, we share pretty much our entire closets.  We started this post because not everything fits our bodies the same but we usually interpret pieces of clothing in slightly different ways.  Here’s a series where we can interpret pieces in the same manner, jewelry!

We love this chunky, tribal piece!


IMG_8396Long and layered is the way to go with these two!

IMG_8393These are great against a simple tank top.  They are fun, colorful, and add detail to something as simple as a black tank top.

Something in the Air.

When the weather starts to get crisp and you need a warm accessory, we all run to our scarves! There are so many different types to choose from we end up picking along the lines of how we are feeling. Take a look at some of the varieties, any way you can’t go wrong!

Fringe(Have a scarf with a little fringe at the end? This is a great way to tie together a subtle look)

Fun(Bright colors always equal fun!)

fierce(Feeling fiesty? Tiger print is the way to go!)

fashionable(Leopard print never goes out of style)

flair(Add a swirl of color to create some flair for your outfit)

We love how scarves add both instant warmth and style to any outfit, maybe that’s why we have dozens!

Pedal Power.

imageAs you saw in this post, Chelsea and I really enjoyed the town of Lucca in Italy.  It was the smallest piece of perfect located inside the city walls.  It was also unbelievably awesome that we could ride around the entire wall on bikes.  I love riding bikes and in Europe it is so much easier and safer to ride around cities.

image(Resting on the wall)


My preferred transportation is bike (or obviously horse if that were possible :D) so it was great to be able to rent bikes and cruise around.  The path was also canopied by tall, beautiful trees that left splattered shadows.  Lucca was very quaint and had a few incredibly unique stores that we discovered.  There is also a very large market that consumes the outside streets of the city.  It’s definitely a wonderful day trip destination.

Real Berlin Update!

Sorry for the Ryan Gosling Berlin update but you can only imagine my excitement when I rounded the corner not knowing where I was and saw that sweet face looking back at me.  Anyway, the weather has been all over the place here in Berlin but I’ve managed to bike, walk, and train around all over the city.  It’s a very interesting city and one that very much reminds me of San Francisco.

image(The nightlife is a huge part of Berlin’s culture as well as art.  This was made solely out of masking tape)


imageHappy Monday!

Berry Full.

IMG_8812While shooting for the blog a few weekends ago, Chels and I knew we needed to grab some snacks to take with us outdoors because we get real cranky without anything to eat for too long.  Chelsea had this great idea to throw some berries in a few glasses to bring with us so we could put them on the ground and know bugs weren’t going to get to them.  Then we realized these would be great party favors, table decorators, or even just a good way to display some healthy snacks.  Since it’s the season of ripe fruit, why not put some out for your friends/guests to enjoy!?

IMG_8814(Could be a great dessert party favor!)




This was an easy, accidental find but a great one at that!  Surprise yourself or a friend with a healthy snack and fun wine glass to take home 😀

Turn It Up.

IMG_7657This is Emily.  She is one of the most bad a$# friends that we have.  Her and her husband, Matt, are kind enough to take me out on their snowmobiles whenever I go visit them in Tahoe which is AMAZING.  I can’t explain how much fun I have with them and even shooting photos of them on their machines because they are both incredibly talented.  After the last big snow, we headed out to Jackson Meadows for an all day play date.  I had one of the most fun days I’ve had all winter.  I could barely walk the next day I was so sore but it was all worth it.

IMG_7616(Matt swimming in snow)

IMG_7662(Emily and Tom making turns)

IMG_7648(Matt climbing so high)

IMG_7630(It’s beyond gorgeous out where there are no cars and just pure mountain.  Sometimes there is no other place I’d rather be)


IMG_7659(I’ll follow Em and Matt anywhere on these toys)

IMG_7634(Matt coming down)

IMG_7651(Could she be any more amazing??  She rips her sled around.)

They were trying to teach me how to make these deep turns all day and I was having so much fun trying.  It’s not as easy as they make it look, it takes a lot of upper body strength.  We kept coming across meadows and meadows of untouched snow for miles.  It was heaven.  It was like running through a forest and finding hidden gems at every turn.  The little kid was brought out in all of us and we soaked it all in.  Days like these are priceless and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  With Spring upon us, the snow will begin to melt and it will be time for us to shift into summer mode.  The seasons have a way of moving along memories into different forms.  I hold them all close.

We hope you had a great Easter!

Young, Wild and Free

IMG_7378There’s something about these animals that is unbelievable.  They can be high strung, stubborn and strong but what most people fail to see is the completely submissive, gentle, and compassionate side.  Horses are simply freedom embodied in a muscular shell.  I’ve been around them my entire life and you couldn’t force me to shake them.  Needless to say I also love to photograph them 🙂

IMG_7350(This is my friend, Stacey’s, horse – Spidey)


IMG_7366(Having a good roll)




Spidey was a great model to shoot some photos of.  Whether I’m riding or just hanging out at the barn I love horses and who knows, maybe Chelsea and I will even do another horse fashion shoot soon.  She’s a pro with the horses and the photos always come out so interesting.