June Gloom.

DSC_0090San Francisco has irritable weather, one day it is raining, the other it is nothing but sunshine. I always keep an umbrella in my car just in case the fog gets thick or the clouds start to pour. I really love the rain and California needs some at the moment so I am happy to feel some sprinkles this Summer. It never gets too cold when it is raining, light layering in generally key so here is a great basic outfit any San Franciscan could pull off!

DSC_0112(Light weight long sleeved sweater and wide leg trousers- Gap)


DSC_0126(Sparkly earrings- Forever 21. Similar here)

DSC_0096(Waterproof tote– Urban Outfitters)

Weekend Casual.

Weekend CasualThe weekends are all about throwing on the first thing you see and rushing out the door, this outfit is a perfect example of that. This button up was fresh out of the dryer and these flats were thrown in the corner of my room. Ah, the perfect weekend outfit!

Weekend Casual(Geometric nail DIY coming soon)

Weekend Casual(Kate Spade over the shoulder purse, simple and classic look in black)

Weekend Casual(Anthropologie pants with velvet lining inside, my new go-to’s)

Weekend Casual(Cheetah print flats from the Gap)

Weekend CasualHave fun on the weekends and mix and match because if you feel good, you look good!