Come Fly With Me.


 My brother is a pilot and has always had an extreme love for flying.  My step dad wanted to try out flying as well so my mom gave him a flight lesson for their anniversary this year.  We went along to check it out and to my surprise they asked me if I wanted to come along in the plane as well.  Of course, I hopped on this opportunity.  I love flying and find it to be very peaceful.  Snapping photos along the way, this is what I saw.

(Learning the ropes with his instructor, Justin, from Ahart Aviation)

(It was a beautiful day out)

(Mt. Diablo)


IMG_7676(We saw the blimp taking off when we were landing!)

This inspiration to fly came from my brother who is a true American hero.  He has been flying ever since he could and now is a pilot for the Air Force.  His pictures are so incredible I had to share a few.  I’m in awe of him and the things he has done. 540126_10151933937214580_94653726_n
(He and his crew flew their helicopter into Candle Stick Park (RIP) to help film the movie Contagion.  Thought I’d throw this in there since last night the last football game to be played in Candle Stick was held.)

(OK and there was a hunky actor or two…)

(My brother when he was on helicopters!  So proud)

(He will now be piloting that large plane in front – the C130)

(He’s truly seen it all.)

And now he will get to pass it onto his first born, Matthew 🙂

Hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friends!

SF Style: Meet the Designer!

K Michael

She’s a gorgeous designer from the bay area and has created her own fashion business from scratch.  Who wouldn’t want a peek inside Kristen Michael’s life?!  When not fully emersed in her work as a special education teacher, she makes time to channel her creativity.  We love her work and had a chance to catch up with her to chat about K Michael Style.

1) When did you start designing?
I’ve always had my hands in projects since I was young, but I really started experimenting more after graduating college.  I was making reconstructed clothing from vintage pieces, which soon morphed to making jewelry and scarves.

2) What are your favorite fashion concepts? (90’s grunge, bohemian, etc)
I would have to say a blend of bohemian & edgy.
3) What inspires you outside of fashion?
People who love what they do and those that are happy with very little is something that truly inspires me.
4) What’s the best advice you’ve received about starting your own fashion business?
Be more confident in your product and stop being so shy!  (Marketing is not my strong suit)

5) What’s the most challenging thing about having your own business?
Time.  I am a full time special ed teacher so finding time is my biggest challenge currently.  I always think if I had more time I could do this and that….my to-do list for K.Michael is constantly growing.

6) How would you describe your own style?
I love street style.  Mixing hard and soft, for example ripped jeans with a silk printed blouse and boots, accessorized w/ long layered delicate necklaces and a couple rings (I love rings).

7) Who’s your dream client?
Solange and Nicole Richie

8) Your work seems to be geometric, do you enjoy architecture as well?
It may sound contrary but nature and big cities are two environments that feed my creativity.

9) What’s a great website you visit daily/weekly?
I used to visit multiple fashion blogs but my visits have turned to pinterest, it’s a one stop shop when you don’t have hours to scour the internet.

10) When is your next trunk show/where can we get your jewelry?
Next show:
Holiday in the Vineyards in Livermore @ Charles R. Vineyards
Or host your own trunk show with your freinds or co-workers!
To set one up email me at
instagram @kmichaelstyle and for shows, events and new designs!
Thanks for taking a minute to catch up with us!  We have a few favorites of ours that we wanted to share, check ’em out below!
(It’s also great to layer them!)
(She also makes great scarves!)
Kristen makes beautiful pieces that we love and love sharing with people!