A Night at the Museum.


Living in San Francisco has opened up the opportunities to explore so many fun things that happen here.  One of my favorite things to check out is Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences.  It’s interesting, intriguing, and fun to grab a drink and cruise the exhibits.  Last night’s theme was the Color of Life and they also had a whale exhibit that was interesting!  The Cal Academy is located in the middle of Golden Gate Park so it’s fun to walk through the park to get there.

hecking out the aquarium walkway.  Some of the fish are massive!


The famous albino alligator.

They have little stations everywhere with people to explain certain facts or show you things.

Love the dino skeleton at the entrance.

The Living Roof.


The whale exhibit.  Puts into perspective how large these mammals are!


Definitely a fun night to check out.  Tickets are pretty inexpensive ($12 for non members) and you can grab drinks and food at various stands.

Have a great weekend!

Stars and Stripes.


While shooting our upcoming posts in Golden Gate Park, Chelsea and I found this awesome pond with a beautiful low hanging tree.  We were trying to figure out what the best lighting was and snapped a few test shots.  We thought we’d share some of these since I guess it goes to show that sometimes mistakes turn out to be a good thing 🙂



What’s not to love about finding hidden places?!

Botanical Gardens.


Spring is in the air and as the weather turns, it’s nice to check out all of the beautiful outdoor spots San Francisco has to offer.  On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went for a park stroll through the gardens and snapped some photos.  It was so nice out and it’s a good walk to loop through the park.

Redwood forest section of the park.

Playing with the flowers that has fallen off the tree.


Bamboo Forest.




The succulent gardens!




There are so many great places to see in San Francisco and I would recommend the botanical gardens to anyone on a nice day!

Winter’s Leaving.

Winter's LeavingThe weather is beginning to warm and it’s some of the last days for these Winter colors. We took to Golden Gate Park to capture some of the Winter greenery.

Winter's Leaving(Sheer skirt and top- Anthropologie)

Winter's Leaving

Winter's Leaving(Headband– Anthropologie)

It’s rare that I wear head to toe Anthropologie but they always have the most delicate pieces for Winter.


Welcome to Nightlife!


In San Francisco, there are so many fun night time things to do.  One of them is the event called Nightlife held at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  They always have something new featured and it’s a fun time to spend wandering around while learning interesting facts about science and nature.  This money dress was on display last week and it was very impressive the detail and time that went into this dress.


The dress was making a statement about how much money people pour into weddings if I remember correctly.

I also LOVE the aquarium!  This a view from the rain forest.

There’s always someone to show you something new.

Artists live painting.  Really cool to see!

The albino alligator is famous!


Live walls!

My favorite shot from above the tanks.

There are so many interesting exhibits to see every Thursday so definitely check it out!

Golden Gate Park Walks


One of my very favorite things about living in San Francisco is that Golden Gate Park is literally in my backyard. When the weather is nice, I always make a point to take a stroll and enjoy the rare sunshine!


(The Conservatory of Flowers)


(The sunlight illuminates the flowers)



(The DeYoung Museum is in the middle of the park, I love the staircase that leads to the top floor)


(In the late afternoon, the sun always peaks through the trees)20130721-100656.jpg

(I loved the way the shadows hit Britt’s face here)

It’s always so relaxing to take afternoon walks after a stressful day at work. No matter where you live, I encourage you to do so!

Perils of a Penny Pincher. Part 3

Conservatory of FlowersLife is great in the Golden Gate (Park)! I live two blocks from the entry to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and I couldn’t think of a better backyard to have. It is only a five minute walk to the Conservatory of Flowers which is this amazing building created for botany lovers. The weather was an outstanding 80+ degrees last week so my friend and I took full advantage as we went on a stroll through the park.

Conservatory of Flowers(The entrance to the Conservatory of Flowers)

Clock(There is a huge clock built  into the ground at the entrance, it reminds me of Disneyland)

Gate(There is a tunnel that leads to the other side of the park; it’s dark & spooky inside)

Stairs(The tunnel often has jazz bands playing for tourists on the weekends, the sound is awesome)

Tree Climb(There are huge trees in the area that are easy to climb up, you could relax and read a book!)

(Taking a shaded break from the heat)

Sunlight(The sun was peeking through the trees, it was so beautiful)

marigolds(The grounds are kept up nicely, brilliant foliage is everywhere)

shadows(Goofy shadows in the grass)

columns(These concrete columns line across a small bridge)

(This black bird reminded me that it is almost time for Halloween)

If you are not from San Francisco but are looking to visit, Golden Gate Park truly is magnificent. If you haven’t been before, you should go! You could get lost looking at all kinds of animals including live Buffalo!