Love Me.

Love MeI am not a huge fan of street graffiti but there is something so smart and eye catching about Curtis Kulig’s “Love Me“. One reason why I love it so much is because it’s not anonymous and it can be explained. I love stories and reasons why someone decided to create what they did and Kulig has been very open about this piece in particular. Another reason why I love it? It looks good and it looks great on this basic cropped sweatshirt.


 (Adding that street chic with some gold hoops)


IMG_9737(These studded wedge sneakers round out the look. These are super trendy and most likely won’t be around in 2015, so wear them now!)

IMG_9736Happy 4th! Enjoy the long weekend!

Real Berlin Update!

Sorry for the Ryan Gosling Berlin update but you can only imagine my excitement when I rounded the corner not knowing where I was and saw that sweet face looking back at me.  Anyway, the weather has been all over the place here in Berlin but I’ve managed to bike, walk, and train around all over the city.  It’s a very interesting city and one that very much reminds me of San Francisco.

image(The nightlife is a huge part of Berlin’s culture as well as art.  This was made solely out of masking tape)


imageHappy Monday!

The Writing’s on the Wall.

San Francisco is a city that embraces art and expression of many kinds. Graffiti and urban artwork can be found on pretty much every corner. While some of it is actually destructive vandalism, we wanted to highlight the mural art that shows true talent and adds color to some of the city streets.

(Our lunch walks often take us down Pacific Street close to the North Beach end. This mural is on the back of a very cute coffee shop and you know how we love getting our caffeine on)

(Haight Street is an infamous area that I live close to. It is full of all kinds of “colorful” people and the walls are no different. I read the word “Smile” in this, do you?)

(Brittany gets lost in the colors)

(This rainbow is full of tiny drawings iconic to San Francisco. The orange area is my favorite illustrating the unique look of the typical San Francisco home)

(Looks like I’m at the end of this rainbow)

(This reminds me of Medusa meets Alien. Brittany loved it so much, she had to give it kisses)

(I ain’t afraid of no alien)

(But a weird Frog King- I am terrified of!)

There hundreds of super cool murals in the city, could never share them all. But there are some that really brighten our days, proving that not all graffiti is bad!