Bohemian Chic.

IMG_0754One style that I admire is the ever trending Bohemian look. I like the drapery, lace, and femininity. Take a look at how we styled this simple dress to add a bit of Bohemian flare.

IMG_0758(Bralette and dress- H&M)

IMG_0757(Grey nailpolish- Sephora)

IMG_0760(Boots- Steve Madden)


We are embracing olive tones and purples in honor of Fall (our favorite season)!

Spain Update.

IMG_3066OK, the most beautiful place I’ve ever encountered has hit my radar…  The Mediterranean rendered me speechless.  Spending the past week there was the absolute BEST way to end an almost 2 months in Europe.  The water, the weather, and the time spent their with my friend, Shannon, was priceless.  I thought I’d leave you with these photos while I work on organizing the rest of my photos from all over Europe.  I have so many places to share with you about great food, fun things to do, and of course fashion 🙂 

IMG_3027(Cala Pi, Mallorca)

Welcome to the Emerald City

Brittany and I are creative people who are influenced by a lot of things: candy, fashion, pigeons, but especially color. We tend to see things more clearly when they are expressive. We love the color green because it signifies nature, hope, wealth, and mint flavored M&M’s!

Green M&M's(These bad boys were 3 for $2! It hurt, but we ate ’em all!)

(We love the look of deep green nail polish)

(Brittany is wearing green nail polish, jade stone necklace, and green eyeshadow)

accesories(Jade necklace upclose and green belts make for a nice accessory)

green makeup(green makeup was applied in the crease of my eyelids and accented by a bold red lip)
Green cape(When the weather gets cooler, I love taking out my thick green cape)

(The weather was 80+ degrees a week ago so I was able to wear this green dress to work without tights, I forgot what that felt like!)

Green is a color that is subtle enough to be an accessory and also bold enough to be a focal piece. It’s various shades provide something for everyone so if you don’t have a strong green piece, we suggest you find one that you love because you can wear it in every season!