DDIY: (Don’t) Do It Yourself

DIY Haircut

You ever get so bored that your mind starts wandering and you think to yourself, “maybe I need to switch up my look. Right now!” Yeah, I had one of those moments this past week and decided that I needed to drop everything and cut my bangs that very minute. Britt grabbed her camera and we quickly scurried into the bathroom where I took immediate action.

Holding Bangs(I decided to measure my hair and see where I wanted my bangs to begin)

First Cut Is the Deepest(The first cut is the deepest- there is no turning back now!)

Laughing Cut(I was laughing because I knew I shouldn’t be doing this)

It's done!(I fully committed to the cut, that was at least 5 inches!)

Done(In the end, it is jagged but has a lot of “character”)

Maybe haircutting is not a true “Do It Yourself” activity and should be left to someone with real training. Even though I am happy with the cut- if you’re a crier, I wouldn’t attempt this at home!