Friday Photography Tip.


When looking for a good spot to shoot photos (for your blog or of others if you are a photographer), one really good tip I’ve picked up along the way is where to place the background.  Your subject will pop out much more if they are further away from the backdrop so long as it’s not a distracting background.  This will leave your subject the main point of focus and everything else will be slightly a little more out of focus.

As you can see with the above photo, the floral is nice but a tad distracting.  The background is also really close to me so it’s very much still in focus.  Not that this is a bad photo but the first photo is much more interesting.


Get outside and play around with it this weekend (and don’t forget to send us a link if you post photos with this technique)!

The Golden Hour.

IMG_5497{{skirt – H&M, top – H&M not online but alternative here, tank top – Nordstrom BP}}

Chels and I did a quick shopping trip to H&M recently and were pleasantly surprised with all of the fun work clothes they have right now.  I got this fun patterned skirt and sheer lace bottomed top that I paired together.  It’s an easy way to jazz up your work wardrobe for those who don’t want to spend a lot.

I love the combo of patterns and colors.



Get some fresh air after work today if the golden hour is just right :).

(Photos by Roberto Jimenez)

Olive Bumble Bees.

DSC_0487I found this great olive colored utility jacket at Zara a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly, it goes with just about every color I have in my closet and is a great piece to pair with dresses and shirts alike. The snaps are what caught my eye, I found them unusual and I am trying to acquire pieces that don’t look anything like what I already have (which is a lot harder than it sounds).

DSC_0491(Close up of the barred snap)

DSC_0493(Bee sequined top- H&M)

DSC_0496(This would actually be an easy DIY. If you head to your local fabric store they have great appliques that you can sew on to any piece of clothing. This bee has some beading detail that could also be simple to replicate)

I feel like this shirt is a lot of fun and exemplifies my personality well. I love bees (well, not real bees just bees for fashion purposes) and all things related to honey so I knew I had to have this top!


Plum Passion.

DSC_0444Most of my recent purchases have been in this beautiful burgundy color that feels like winter to me. It pairs perfectly with all kinds of colors, regardless of warm or cool undertones which is something I love about it as well. I’ll take you through 3 of my favorite plum colored pieces.

DSC_0447(Cable knit sweater- Gap)

DSC_0451(Velvet ballet flats- Old Navy, Purse- unknown label)

DSC_0445I think this color is elegant and really adds character to any outfit. I have also seen amazing lipsticks in this color as well, it’s just my favorite!

Boot Crop.


I’m a big fan of comfort and while I was in Copenhagen last month, I picked up some awesome short boots from H&M.  I’ve worn them a ton and they are so easy to slip on with some boot cut pants or even over some skinny jeans (like shown here).   Naturally, I love that the “riding” look has come to be a part of fashion and it’s very easy for me to bring into my daily wear.


Spicy Pants.

IMG_0716Not too long ago I came across these wild pants at H&M, they were $5 so I had to have them, naturally. I don’t wear them often because they are something that people tend to remember. However, when you balance out the wild print with a basic black it really tones them down a bit and I think they would be super easy to replicate with a bleach pen (fun DIY anyone?).

IMG_0706(Jazzing up the look with some earrings from Charlotte Russe)

IMG_0712(This velvet bandeau peeks out of the draping sleeve and back opening- Urban Outfitters)

IMG_0717(Close up of the pant print)

IMG_0715Just spicing things up on this beautiful Friday!

Suspended Fashion.

DSC_1819My gorgeous co-worker Jackie has the most amazing sense of style. She is always put together and I admire how effortless her outfits always look (while in reality a lot of thought goes into each piece)! Here’s a breakdown of my favorite outfit of hers.

DSC_1821(Lace top by Black Swan, suspenders by H&M, pants by BCBG Max Azria)

DSC_1824(Jelly heels by Mel Dreamed by Melissa. These are waterproof, perfect for that rainy San Francisco weather!)

DSC_1828(Watch by Daniel Wellington. Jackie rounds out her accessories with a slim pinky ring and a vintage style floral ring)

DSC_1830Jackie is sophisticated with perfect hair to match! Her classic style makes looking good seem simple and in a city like San Francisco, it’s hard to not be inspired!

Think Pink.

DSC_1878I love the blocks of neon in this dress, I instantly was in love. It’s not every day that you can make pink and orange look cohesive together but I think that the simplicity of the dress makes it work.

DSC_1883(Kate Spade emerald green earrings)

DSC_1886(H&M Heels, Kate Spade purse)

DSC_1888(The pockets of this H&M dress makes it very casual)

DSC_1877I love wearing a lot of bright neon colors together, I really think they look good on all skin tones.

Summer Stripes.

When the weather gets a little warmer, that is when I love to wear my white jeans. Surprisingly, my favorite pair have come from Forever 21 for only $9.80!

IMG_9134(Top from H&M, Jeans from Forever 21, Heels from H&M)

IMG_9138(I love the long back to this trapeze top)

IMG_9139(Pop of color with these pointy heels)

IMG_9140(Add in some orange lipstick and you have a great summer palate)

I love the casual dress of summertime but I wish the city was a bit less windy these days!

Sunshine Sheer.

Sunshine SheerI picked up this simple dress at H&M with a great sheer bottom detail. Lately it has been 70+ degrees in San Francisco so I have actually been able to wear it is January. I put on this floppy hat to shield my face from the sun, I can’t believe I am saying that about Winter in San Francisco!

Sunshine Sheer(Take this dress into the light and you will see how sheer it is)

Sunshine Sheer

Sunshine SheerI love that this is an easy way for me to wear a minidress without feeling too exposed!