Hearst Castle.

I spent this Fourth of July in Central California, seeing places that I have never had a chance to before. Some of the most beautiful places are right under my nose and one of those places is Hearst Castle. I have always heard about the grounds but never made it a priority to go until meeting Nick. His family is from Los Osos which is only 50 minutes South of San Simeon so we decided to check it out on our way back to San Francisco.


(Outside the Grand Room)


(The creative minds behind Harry Potter were inspired by the dining hall. They modeled the Hogwarts Dining Room after it)


(Foliage was everywhere!)


(Like Alice in Wonderland)


(The pools were my absolute favorite part! I wanted to dive in)


(This is a massive indoor pool, the walls were tiled in 21 carat gold flake)

20130708-195741.jpg(A bungalow that 1930’s Hollywood movie stars would stay at)

If you have a chance, check out Hearst Castle!