Morning Fuel.

This simple breakfast recipe will give you the energy you need to power through your morning and make it to lunch without being a hungry grump! It only takes a few minutes and it is simply delicious!

Morning Fuel(What you’ll need: almond or peanut butter, one banana, a slice of  wheat bread, a handful of granola, and a spoonful of honey)

Morning Fuel(Toast the wheat bread and spread the almond butter across the top. Sprinkle the granola to the top. This gives it a tasty crunch)

Morning Fuel(Add slices banana pieces to the top)

Morning Fuel(Drizzle the spoonful of honey)

Morning FuelThe end result is so delicious and very filling! Also, it couldn’t be easier, it’s just fancy toast!

Honey Baby.

There’s this magical daily deal site called Living Social and it basically convinces you that each of their deals are just too cheap to pass up. You ultimately end up doing things you never thought you would- conducting the San Francisco Symphony (one night only), Lion Taming, becoming a certified Zombie Hunter, you get it, crazy things! Well, in my and Nick’s case we decided to give bee keeping a shot. It couldn’t be that much work- find a couple of bees, stick them in a box and collect your honey. Well, bee keeping requires a little more work and a few thousand more bees, oh, and space for your hive. City dwellers generally aren’t rolling around in extra square footage, let alone backyards, so a hive is out. However, we had a great time pretending to be beekeepers and it was simply delicious!

bee keeping(Step one: Suit up!)

bee keeping(Those bees are not getting through that net!)

bee keeping(Step two: Smoke ’em out)

bee keeping(The bees will begin to leave the hive as the smoke enters. Look at this perfect honeycomb, it’s pretty cool!)

bee keeping(As you pull the sleeve out of the hive, they will still be working away. Honey bees live about 30 days and work that entire time to provide us with delicious honey!)

bee keeping(Just for fun, a few bloopers!)

Did you know, honey is the only food in the world that NEVER spoils? They found honey in some of the tombs with the Egyptian Pharaohs. Also, another fun fact to note is if you have allergies, you should have a spoonful of LOCAL honey, it is made from the same pollen that gives you allergies and ultimately helps strengthen your immunities. I’ll take any reason to eat a little more honey!

Bee Happy!

pooh bear honeyBy now you have heard that the San Francisco 49ers lost the Super Bowl, so I have been trying to soften the pain the best I could…with sweets! Brittany is always trying to keep me in check by making me spit my cookie out into her hand, walking by and pulling candy apples out of my mouth, and even swapping out my secret candy stash with baby carrots. I can’t help it, I love HONEY! I wanted to share a few of my favorite honey inspired items with you to try and sweeten your day a little!

honey perfume loccitane(I always start my day with a spray from my favorite perfurme from L’Occitane “Miel & Citron”. It is no longer available for purchase- best I could find was a bottle for $200 on Amazon! But fear not, they have come out with a limited edition honey line that will only be around for a few months so stock up!)

pushing Daisies

(One of my favorite TV shows of all time was Pushing Daisies. There has been nothing as beautifully crafted on TV since and it is a shame that is was cancelled prematurely (it won seven Emmy’s)! Bees and honey were an underlying tone throughout the series allowing the set and costume designers to have a lot of fun! Netflix the show if you are ever looking for something unique to watch, I own the series!)

honey candle(Beeswax candles smell amazing and are lightweight, they sit perfectly in pretty much holder because they have a sticky base. I love to burn them but they melt so quickly!)

honey massage(Did you know there are spas that massage you with honey?! Sign me up!)

honey-lemon-tea-b(This is how I love to start my morning!)

honey(My friend has a jar of honey sitting on the back seat of his car. I would be telling a lie if I said I didn’t take a quick taste when he wasn’t looking. I recommend leaving a jar in your car, it makes sense, you never know when you are going to be stranded somewhere and your honey levels are low)

If you are feeling a little gloomy over the Niners loss, you’re not alone. But I just showed you how to make the taste of defeat a little sweeter.