Cabo Beautiful Blues.

Since I’d never been to Cabo, there was so much for me to take in.  I loved the options pool, hot tub, and ocean.  All of which I took full advantage of.  With views like this, how can you say no?!  Even just walking by made me want to jump in any body of water.  The blues are so enticing, it would have been extremely hard to not enjoy being waterfront in Cabo.

I ate tacos of the above kind for just about every meal.  We stayed at La Villa la Estancia which was not all inclusive but we had a full kitchen to cook as we pleased.

We went snorkeling although, jumping off the boat with more fun than fish watching because we didn’t see too many.

It was prime time whale season so we got quite the show by some humpback whales!

Seas the Day.


Over this past holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I went on THIS awesome whale watching trip out of Moss Landing.  I had done quite a bit of research before heading out and was so thankful for that because we definitely chose the right tour.  We left from Moss Landing and within 10 mins of leaving the harbor, we were seeing whale spouts left and right.  Most of the other tours that we saw on the water had to travel at least an hour to arrive where we were which was much appreciated because the swells were massive (aka do NOT go if you get even the slightest form of sea sickness).  Our tour ended up seeing countless amounts of whales (literally couldn’t count how many we saw) and we really felt it was the most ideal day to see the beautiful humpback whales.

Cute sea lions were everywhere!

Sea Otter inspecting this man fishing.


So much wildlife just leaving the harbor!

Sun bathing 🙂

Perfect beach weather.

Initial spout sighting.

Beautiful humpback whale tail.

Two humpbacks going for a dive.

Gives great perspective to the size of these whales.  Can you spot the sea lion to the right of the tail?  This whale was extremely large.  Also, that was another whale watching boat that must have been rocking with the massive swells.



We saw countless whales and enjoyed a lovely day on the ocean minus a few large swell dips.  If you love nature and photography, this is the trip for you!  Just make sure to research seasons to make sure it’s the right time of year for the types of whales you’d like to see 🙂