Climb Challenge.


Since getting into climbing, I’ve been realistic with my own progression but also set goals for where I want to take it.  I’ve always loved the idea of climbing outdoors so when I started climbing, I knew eventually I’d want to take it outside.  After doing tons of research on places to climb in the bay area, my climbing friend Kevin and I, took to scoping out one of the well known spots along beautiful and coastal highway 1.  We were planning to just scope it all out but once we saw some climbable boulders, we couldn’t resist.  We were also able to scope out some lead climbing routes that will be something for us to conquer in the near future!

Kevin conquering this boulder!

About to get that last reach.

Working on getting up and over this mini overhang.

Stretching for it.

Another nice boulder.

Since we left pretty early in the morning, we were able to climb before it was too hot.  Once the fog burned off, it was a beautiful day and felt like such a great reward.  This spot had a nice little hike down and then to finish off the morning was a good little hike up and out.  Can’t wait to soak up the rest of the Indian Summer days!

High Fashion Meets Everyday Fashion.


I work with some amazingly inspiring people and the other day while rocking these earrings, one of them asked me if I had seen Pippa McManus’s fashion illustrations recently.  He showed me some of the drawings and how large earrings are going to be big in upcoming runway shows.  I love the idea of very simple outfits with one bold piece and if the earring isn’t too heavy, I’m in FULL suppot of rocking the bling in jewelry form.  Check out some of this amazing artists images below.








What’s not to love about these gorgeous high fashion illustrations?!  You can check out more of Pippa McManus’s inspiring pieces at her Facebook page.


One song that played on repeat during my time in Italy was Bastille’s “Pompeii”. I have listened to it many times since being back in the States and I must say that if ever I am feeling down, this song lifts me up. When I was in college my Art History class covered the destruction of Pompeii, engulfed by Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. As sad as the story is, I am fixated by it because of the intensity of the excavation; the preserved bodies are truly powerful. People are praying, protecting their children, and even in some cases running- but all of those actions are hopeful, hopeful that they will be saved. And I think about that when I hear the lyrics to Bastille’s “Pompeii”.

29183914-pompeii-italy(“Great clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above.” -Sometimes life throws you unexpected obstacles)


(“But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all?” -In those tough times, you just have to take a moment to breathe and look back. Not everything in your life has changed)

italy-pompeii(“How am I going to be an optimist about this?” -Always search to find the positive in a negative)

Recently I have started to watch the show “Mad Men” and most of the time I find myself despising the characters but there was this one moment when Betty was sad and Carla said to her “Go outside, you’ll find everything is just as you left it”. How simple and true is that? Just because one aspect of your life is out of your control, doesn’t mean that everything is, it’s important to remember that. And while the people of Pompeii didn’t survive Mount Vesuvius, they still showed signs of love and optimism. In the end, that’s all we really have.