Britt’s Pick: Latest Book.

OK, this book was published in June of 2013 so I know I’m late to the game.  However, after my mom passed this book along to me before heading to Central America, I became hooked and understood why this book is now a best seller.  It can be hard to get into a new book so whenever I read one that gets me hooked, I love passing it along for someone else to enjoy.  This was a classic story of hardships and overcoming them.  I found the book incredibly inspiring and heart filled describing the 1930’s during the Great Depression, the Nazi reign, the Olympics, and what it was like to grow up during those times.

The book is written from the standpoint of Joe Rantz, the main character if you will.  Joe had a rough upbringing filled with loss and independence.  Once he begins rowing, he has to learn to trust the other boys in the boat which is one of his biggest life lessons.  The boys in the boat go on to row in the Olympics before Hitler with all odds against them.  This book is brilliantly written and I can only hope a movie comes of it 🙂

Wild Horses.


I’ve just returned from the most magical trip to Bosnia.  It was a dream come true to be able to get to spend an entire week surrounded by horses.  I was on a week long riding holiday in Bosnia at Kupres farm which I can’t wait to share all of the details and photos in the coming days.  One afternoon during our stay our host, Mate, offered to take us out to find some herds of wild horses and of course we were ecstatic to go.  We drove far out into the plains to find them where they were living as free and happy as can be.  This was one of the most memorable moments for me because seeing these horses surviving on their own in the wild just showed me their strength and independence.

One of the stallions making sure no other stallions got close to his horses.  He was gorgeous.

So many of them just grazing.

They had no interest in us but they had no fear of us either.


They had all the land in the world to call home.



When we left, we even saw an eagle or a falcon.  It was hard to tell but both resided in the area.

I hope I get to observe wild horses again, it was peaceful and inspiring.