Today Is The Greatest.

Much like yesterday’s post, I am obsessed with 90’s alternative music and culture for that matter. I loved Empire Records, Angus, and of course Smashing Pumpkins. In the 90’s I wore nothing but band tee’s and painted each of my nails a different color. I had a huge boombox that would have Siamese Dream on loop, all day every day. I am pretty sure my mom wanted to kill me but that was the 90’s and it was awesome.

REM Monster

(In the 90’s it was all about denim and baby doll dresses. You’ll notice it’s starting to come back!)

hair(I don’t remember ever straightening my hair even once)

demin(This cropped jean jacket is something I just picked up from UNIQLO)

IMG_8986(Doc Martens were super popular. These are a tamer version of those but I still love the look of a combat boot and a skirt)

90’s music has never left my CD player’s rotation. And yes, I still own over 200 CD’s, they’re pretty much my favorite things I own.