Four Scents.

It’s kind of funny how particular people can be about fragrances but it’s true, if you don’t like a scent you really just end up hating it. I wanted to share a few that I am confident won’t make you want to back away slowly from me if I am wearing it.

Folle de Joie(Folle de Joie is one of my favorite scents that I recently discovered in my Birchbox. A very delicate scent that is an even mix of floral and citrus)

Very Hollywood(If you want to turn heads wear Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. This gardenia scent is soft but loud, don’t wear this unless you want the focus to be all on you)

(Stella by Tocca is a scent that I always get compliments on. It’s fresh with blood orange notes, it would smell great on anyone)

Vera Wang Princess(Princess by Vera Wang is fun, fruity, and floral. It’s probably a little past it’s prime but the bottle alone is kind of a gift in itself- the tops turn into rings!)


I think with whatever fragrance is your preference, we can all agree that it can’t be too powerful. Always wear something light and make sure to test it a few times to ensure that it mixes well with your natural scent.