5 Best Boss Babes of 2018 (Britt’s Picks).


We hear the words boss babe all of the time and I love taking the chance to recognize some of the bossiest babes! This year, I’ve really gotten into a lot of reading, listening to, and just encountering boss babes that I’m in awe of. Here are my top picks of 2018.

MUSIC – Kacey Musgraves, Golden Hour
¬†Wow, wow, wow. This album is stunning from beginning to end. She does such an amazing job of stripping songs down to the most beautiful basics and singing the most relatable lyrics. The entire album appeared on my 2018 most played playlist on Spotify and there’s a reason for that. You can listen from start to finish and still want more. All hail queen Kacey!

PODCAST – Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe
I’m proud to say I’m a Vino. Surprisingly, I’m not talking about wine. Although Kaitlin loves her wine and it makes it’s appearances on the pod, she’s just as real as they come. She does a little bit of Bachelor/Bachelorette recapping but mainly talks about life and how she’s working to build her own businesses. I find even listening to the podcasts where I don’t know the guests to be really entertaining.

PODCAST – Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday
Oprah is as real as they come and she asks the best questions. This one can be a tear jerker sometimes. She cuts to the core of real topics. She brings to light so many thought provoking topics and there isn’t anything off the table. Some of my favorite episodes were with other boss babes like Julia Roberts (who talks about social media trolls and the affect they can have) and Michelle Obama (who talks about her upcoming book and IVF).

READING – Power Up by Magdalena YesilPower-Up-BookThis book was so refreshing when it comes to talking about owning your career and how to get past the chaos. Magdalena came and gave a talk at my office and I found her interesting but hadn’t read the book yet. After reading the book, I would have been so star struck to be in the same room as her. She’s so smart, focused, and doesn’t deal with any BS. I couldn’t recommend this book more!

CONNECTIONS – My Boss Babe Tribe
I know this is cheesy but this past year I’ve been so in awe by so many of my friends and family members. Chelsea has been an amazing life coach to with so many different aspects of life, my sister in law started her own successful business, a handful of my friends spent hours with me helping me figure out my next career goals since they’ve achieved many career highs, and another handful have been helping me plan a wedding for next year showing me how much these women do on a daily basis to up level their careers, their lives, and overall achieve goals. Mad props to all my peeps, I’m continuously impressed and don’t know what I’d do without you! Cheers to 2019, with this tribe I’m ready for anything.