Majestic Malibu.

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to Malibu for a beautiful wedding.  There was a group of us who rented a beach house and got the privilege of being able to sleep to the sound of crashing waves.



Malibu(Meris womanned the grill and cooked up some dinner on the deck)

Malibu(Our neighbors are lucky enough to live here full time)

Malibu(Our beautiful view)

We know how lucky we were to have rented the house for just the weekend, could you imagine living there? Oh, beautiful Malibu, I miss you already!


From the Bay to LA!

IMG_3421For Chelsea’s birthday, we ventured down to LA to explore with a big group of friends.  We went to museums, scoped the fashion scene, and just shared a ton of laughs between the group.  We took a little break from blogging but we’re back!  We know how much you missed us….  Anyway, we are back in the bay now and ready to share why we thought LA was so awesome including the beautiful Getty Museum.

IMG_3533The crew.