Through the Woods.


There’s this really awesome abandon shack on the way out of north lake Tahoe, near Northstar, that I’ve always wanted to stop and take photos of.  On our way to meet up with Brie last Sunday, we stopped to snap some shots of this awesome location so I wanted to share them with you!










Hope you have a great adventure filled weekend 🙂

North Lake.


We spent the weekend in Tahoe celebrating two of our close friends’ engagement and had a blast.  It’s so nice to be in the mountains and spending time with great friends.  We made a few photo stops throughout the weekend at some of the beautiful places to see in North Lake.  I love that the weather is starting to change and it’s just about beanie time 🙂


The Big Blue Beautiful.


I had a quick trip to my favorite lake on this planet this past weekend for a friend’s wedding and it reminded me how much I love Lake Tahoe.  Normally, I spend my time in North Lake Tahoe where I used to live but this weekend we spent time in South Lake and it was fun to re-explore the big beautiful blue.  I love taking pictures of this place, here are a few from this weekend.





Lakeside yogi 🙂

Tahoe Spring.

Tahoe is a sad sight for snow right now but as the snow melts away, the emerald beauty reappears just in time for Summer.  With these last few weeks at the ski/snowboard resorts, it’s time to get those last few turns in before you trade in your snow pants for your swim suits.  Tahoe is one of my all time favorite places year round.  You can’t go wrong when you are surrounded by such an amazing place.

I was worried that Squaw might not have too many lifts open based on it’s bare face but the upper mountain had a bunch of lifts open!

Upper mountain looking beautiful as ever.

Park laps with Brie!

Brie at the top!

We did hit some rough patches but after an epic day we hit the hot tub at high camp.

I can’t believe what a snowless season it was but we will take what we can get and it was still awesome to be up snowboarding in the mountains.

Some clouds started to roll in as we headed down the mountain to check out the Winter Wonder Festival in the village.

Bands playing with Squaw as a backdrop.

With Winter already out the door, it’s time to gear up for an epic Summer in the mountains.

Although, a storm was creeping in as I left the mountains last weekend so maybe we will be lucky enough to have one last snow storm before it’s full Summer mode!

What is your favorite season to be in the mountains?!

Snow Update.


If you love skiing or snowboarding like me, you love the winter time living near ski areas.  I like to get up to Tahoe as much as I can no matter what the season but I’m happy winter is here.  There isn’t much snow up there but most of the resorts have opened so it was nice to get back on my board with some friends.

Squaw on Saturday.

At certain points it was very hard to see with the low lying clouds.

Being silly with Brie, my favorite snowboarder babe.

The sunset was a beautiful one.  Normally, this area would be covered in snow.  We still need a good storm to come through and cover everything.

It’s so weird to not see everything covered in snow by December!  Here’s the Truckee River.

Shirley, Gold Coast, and Siberia were the main chairlifts open at Squaw this weekend.  The mountain run is not open yet and needs a lot more snow but it’s still worth it to get back on the snow!

Wander Wednesday.

photo 1
I must confess, lately I’ve been less interested in fashion and more interested in adventure.  I do love fashion but there’s nothing like fresh air and a new setting to get the creative juices flowing.  Chels and I are ready to hop back in the game but I must give credit to some of my most recent weekend trips.  Here are some photos I’ve been snapping that brought me back!

photo 2 - Copy
Lake Tahoe near sundown.

photo 3 (1)
Lake Tahoe at sunrise before snowboarding.

photo 4
The beautiful and clear water.

 Donner Lake
Morning fog over Donner Lake.

photo 3
It doesn’t get much better than this.

photo 2 (1)
Sunsets in the mountains.

 What’s your inspiration?

Tahoe – IFB??

While lunch may be the most fitting time for an escape, there is also Breakfast (IFB = It’s Finally Breakfast) which can be just as important.  Me without coffee on some days is just not what anyone wants to be around…  So from time to time I will frequent the virtual space that is our blog with some of my favorite coffee shops from different destinations.  The first to grace these “pages” is the Tahoe House in the beautiful North Lake Tahoe.  Not only do they have amazing coffee but they also have sweet treats of all kinds.  Every time I head to Tahoe I make sure to pick up some goodies to bring home.

It’s located right near Tahoe City on HWY 89.

They have all sorts of treats.

My favorite besides the coffee of course is all of the baked goods.