Magical Holland.

IMG_2707Something I loved about Europe was how easily accessible public transit was.  I loved taking trains everywhere and just soaking in the views of lands I’d never seen before.  It’s funny because I take the BART train all the time in the bay area and somehow I can never appreciate it the way I do these magical European trains *sigh*.  Only time will tell when the next one we will be on will be.


IMG_2743(Maastricht, Holland)


IMG_2730OK, Holland you showed me what you were made of and now I want more.  Hopefully, we will meet again!

Funny thing about “Pompeii”

There’s in fact nothing funny about the real happenings at Pompeii but as Chelsea said in yesterday’s post, the tune was crushing the airwaves in Europe while we were there.  After Chelsea headed back to the state, I actually had the chance to see Bastille and photograph their live show in Holland!  I’d never seen them before and LOVED their live show.  So much energy and a tent full of pulsing Europeans.  It was a recipe for a good time and I enjoyed it immensely.  Check out this up and coming band that will be sure to blow your socks off if you catch them on tour this year.

IMG_2483(Their stage set up and people piling in)







IMG_2572(Packed tent!)

I didn’t know many of their songs besides Pompeii before I saw Bastille live but now can say I’m a huge fan of their entire album, Bad Blood.  I’ve seen a lot of bands and Bastille brought non-stop energy and good tunes.  Check them out!