Pisa, Pisa.

imageSo many memories flood my mind when I think about our trip to Europe but by far one of the funnest days we had in Italy was when we took the train to Pisa.  We had no idea what to expect and we had been tucked away in a very remote mountain villa so it was like all of the sudden we had a field day!  As soon as we got there, these Italians gave us these vodka drinks with these crazy straws and the code to free internet.  It was like we didn’t even need to see the small town of Pisa but of course we eventually meandered on.

imageOh yeah, they also gave us these awesome little cookies with our cappuccino’s.  What more could we ask for?!

imageWe sheepishly asked a vendor (after our drinks, you can’t blame us), where the tower was and low and behold it was right around the corner!


IMG_0387I love this photo of Chels.




IMG_0353Of course I did the obvious jump shot.

IMG_0389It really does lean!

IMG_0343I love that you can see the people in this one on the top tier.





I’ve heard many say that they were not amused with Pisa and let’s be honest, it is a very small place.  No matter how small though, we found it incredibly beautiful.  Chelsea also taught me that Van Gogh’s “field of dreams” was here where he would paint.  I loved this fact because I found it very picturesque and the large lawns seem like the perfect painting grounds.  Pisa is worth a visit if you ask us!