DIY: You’re So Clutch.

DIY ClutchI am in love with my new homemade clutch! It’s a pretty simple thing to make too! I started off trying to make something that was outside of my sewing skill level and came up with this version instead- it’s perfect for beginners!

DIY ClutchWhat you’ll need: A long strip of leather or pleather, a skinny strip and a square piece of the same material, sewing machine (or needle and thread), rhinestones and rhinestone glue (optional).

DIY Clutch(Step 1: Fold your long piece of leather in half, make sure it is flush. Pin in place)

DIY Clutch(Step 2: Fold the material in half and sew an end seam on each side)

DIY ClutchDIY Clutch(Step 3: Once you have the two ends sewed together to make a long open bag, take a blade and make a small slit in the middle of the material)

DIY Clutch(Step 4: Take your square piece of leather and cut slits up until about 3/4 of the way up)

DIY Clutch(Step 5: Put glue on the top 1/4 of the fabric)

DIY Clutch(Step 6: Insert the long strip of leather through the slit you created, fold it in half and wrap the square material around it to create a tassel)

Suspender TrendingThere you have it! It couldn’t be easier! I added rhinestones to mine in the shape of my and Nick’s constellation signs, it adds a little something special and unique to my creation. Make your own with any sturdy fabric!

Handmade Creations.

If you haven’t visited the world of Etsy yet, you really should. They have everything you could ever want and everything you didn’t know you wanted until you found it there. Everything is unique and supports artisans trying to share their creations with the world. I often spend hours upon hours searching for treasures. Check out some of the artists we are loving right now! Maybe you will find a little something for yourself too!

(Letterhappy. We think an amazing gift for anyone is a hand written card. These cards are not only thoughtful, they are cute and unique. We love everything about them!)

(Bluebird. Great geometric jewelry for an even better price!)

(Arminho Paper. These tiny notebooks are perfect for my purse. I store all of my brilliant ideas on them!)

Check out how they make these beautiful notebooks here!

(BlackbirdAndTheOwl. Their handmade and handprinted leather pouches are a great thing to keep in your bag to keep your lip glosses from running rampant through your purse!)

(Theater Clouds. Meticulously crafted scenes photographed for one-of-a-kind looks. These make amazing gifts!)

(Urban Plus Forest. Amazing wall art made from White Birch wood. So understated and beautiful)

(This is my cell phone case that I got from Hello Nutcase. I always get compliments on it and the bright blue color makes it easier to spot in my always messy purse!)

If you aren’t convinced yet, visit Etsy and find something you love. I promise, you will.