Sunshine in December.


I’m such a beanie and sunglasses type girl, that when it’s sunny in December I’m more than delighted to be able to wear both.  When we were in Napa the other weekend, the sun made an appearance but it was still quite chilly for California :).




I love any type of weather as long as I’m dressed for it, so bring on winter!

Balancing Jacket.


My good friend, Harry, is always fun to talk fashion with as he usually keeps up with the latest trends.  He was telling me about the balancing jacket trend and I decided I love it.  Your jacket keeps you warm but if you are already in kind of warm weather, you may want to put it on and take it off intermittently.  Such is the case in San Francisco, it seems the weather can never make up it’s mind.



This is a trend I think I’ll keep around 🙂

{{ Photos by: Harry Go }}