And The Winner Is…

Yes, this is an Academy Awards post. I know, this is super exciting because we all love movies, fashion, and Hollywood, right? Well, I saw TWO of the best picture nominations and felt I should give my expert opinion on who and what I thought deserves the Oscar most! Here goes it, without further ado Chelsea’s Oscar Picks!!

Best Actor:

leo(Leo, obvi. He was AMAZING in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and he just deserves the Oscar for that alone. Wolf of Wall Street  was pretty good so let’s just give it to him)

Best Actress:

AMY ADAMS(Amy Adams. I didn’t see any of the movies that these actresses are nominated for so I just have to go with my gut here. The fact that Amy Adams is nominated for Best Actress after stealing our hearts in Enchanted, well, let’s just give it her)

Best Cinematography:

nebraska(Nebraska, I didn’t know this was even a movie but the fact that they could make a film about a state nobody knows or wants to know anything about is truly incredible. I must see it immediately.)

Best Costume Design:

Invisible Woman(The Invisible Woman. Wow, just wow! Look at that! I’m super into Harry Potter, especially when he is using the invisibility cloak for mischief so this is right up my alley. I am sure casting was easy because they could pretty much hire anyone for this part but to make a costume that is invisible, that is crazy!)

Best Visual Effects:

hobbit-desolation-smaug-trailer(The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Those men aren’t really that tiny, that bridge isn’t really there, that is not a real waterfall. BOOM! Oscar winner!)

Grab your popcorn, take your seats, lights, camera, ACTION! The Oscars are upon us and I couldn’t be more excited!

Tales of a Recovering Teeny Bop Addict.

The other day I was thinking about Justin Beiber. I just don’t get it- what is the appeal? He looks like a 12 year old girl and yet teenaged girls get into such a frenzy over him. And then I started thinking about when I was 13 and the teen sensations who I adored and I couldn’t help but understand what all the fuss was about. I too was that crazy kid in love with the music and the band, maybe I still am…maybe I’m in recovery.

Leo(You are lying if you said you didn’t have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. Man or woman, you loved him. And if you were like me and my friend Molly, you chatted him on AIM when you were 15. I swear, it was really him)

Adrian(I am about to get really hipster on you right now but when I was 16, my friend Ashley and I saw this movie called “Drive Me Crazy” and I DISCOVERED this cutie as I thought to myself “who dat?” Turns out his name was Adrian Grehjdsomething and he was super hot! Apparently he became some big actor on this show called Entourage, never heard of it but I found him first, credit goes to me. Although I had nothing to do with the casting of “Drive Me Crazy” but I was one of the 12 people who saw it that summer)

Mark(My high school locker was COVERED with Mark McGrath pictures. I actually had this very magazine tear out in it. My locker was next to Edwin’s and I am pretty sure he hated every year when I would add more photos of him. I dunno, I loved him and his goatee. He was a terrible dancer but he sure looked good in my locker. Was that creepy? Like I trapped him in some sort of dark room where no one could hear his picture screaming? Hard to say…)

(The creme de la creme, Taylor Hanson was my absolute favorite, kind of still is, right Vicki?  He could sing and those baby blues, ugh, so cute. I know he looked like a girl but deep down under that rat tail and long-sleeved polos, I knew he wasn’t . Anyway, he ended up getting married when we were 19- I have yet to recover. And I’m sorry that he ended up being GORGEOUS, looks like I was on to something so suck it.)

The whole time that I was creating this post, Brittany swore up and down that she never was into Bop or Tiger Beat magazine but her mother informed me otherwise. Apparently there was a little obsession we former tweens called “JTT”.