Color Matching.


I’ve been into purple hues lately when it comes to nail polishes and lipsticks.  Since I tend to wear simple colors, this helps me add some pop.  It can be hard to get the right tones for your complexion but once you find the right match, you can rock the color combo through all seasons.


{{ lipstick – MAC’s Up The Amp  – Nail polish – OPI’s Lost My Bikini in Molikini }}

Neon Fall.


I’m a big fan of simple and don’t like to wear anything too loud.  However, I am a huge fan of colors so I’m always playing with ways to add a little bit of color.  I love the lounge bras from Victoria Secret’s Pink! section for fun comfy pieces.  At the end of each season, they usually clearance out everything from the season ending which is where I swoop up some good stuff.

Another way I like to add to a simple black, white, or grey outfit is to add a fun lipstick.  I love love love this NARS lip color Angela that I’m wearing above.  It’s a cooler hue and lasts for hours.

How do you add color to your basics?

Repurpose, Reuse.

RepurposeI had this candle that I absolutely loved, once I had burnt it to the ground I realized that I like the glass holder it sat in and decided to keep it repurpose it to hold my lip gloss and sticks!

Repurpose(Start with a finished candle set in glass)

Repurpose(Boil some water and pour slowly into the glass)

Repurpose(The wax will melt, scoop out with a spoon and toss the wax. Pour out the hot water and clean out the inside with a wet paper napkin. Fill with more water until you remove all of the wax)

Repurpose(Voila, so easy! Now, I have all of my lipsticks and gloss contained in one pretty place!)