LA Style.

Today we are featuring our friend Meris who always has amazing style! LA in the summer brings the heat and Meris put together a great outfit full of layers!


LA Style

LA Style(What a perfect tank for the day!)

LA Style(A chunky watch with layers of shiny bracelets is one of my favorite looks)

LA Style(Midi rings are trendy right now, it’s a cool way to add some weight to your digits!)

LA Style(A detailed sports bra adds the perfect touch to this loose tank. Sunglasses from her recent trip to Italy)

LA Style(Italian leather sandals are great for the warm weather)

LA Style

Warm weather is the perfect opportunity to layer up in exciting ways!

I’m Seein’ Stars.

Griffith ObservatoryLast weekend we took a quick trip to Los Angeles and did all of the artsy touristy things that we love to do. One of my favorite places in the world is the Griffith Observatory. If you’ve never been before, I recommend it. It’s a beautiful place to look at the stars and even the planets! There is a ton of light pollution in Los Angeles but that is no matter because they have heavy duty telescopes that we got to look through!

Griffith Observatory(The magnificent Dome)

Griffith Observatory(The City of Angels)

Griffith Observatory

What a magnificent place with wonderful friends, we can’t wait to go back!

Convertible Hair

IMG_3410While in LA, our friend Adam rented a convertible to cruise the Hollywood Hills in.  I was lucky that I got to be his driving partner in crime.  Of course, we were cruising with the top down the entire time and let’s be honest… when your hair is flying all over the place, it’s hard to see!  I learned real fast that I needed to always wear my hair up when the tops down.  I did a reverse french braid from the base of my neck up.  It’s easy to do once you get used to folding over to actually create the braid.

IMG_3413There may be a little rat tail but I blame it on the wind.

IMG_3407We bought a star map and set out to see some celebrity homes.  It’s much easier to be a creep with a star map and the top down.

From the Bay to LA!

IMG_3421For Chelsea’s birthday, we ventured down to LA to explore with a big group of friends.  We went to museums, scoped the fashion scene, and just shared a ton of laughs between the group.  We took a little break from blogging but we’re back!  We know how much you missed us….  Anyway, we are back in the bay now and ready to share why we thought LA was so awesome including the beautiful Getty Museum.

IMG_3533The crew.